Magic Manifesting: Root Chakra

Today on Magic Manifesting Monday we’re going to talk a little bit about chakras. I thought it would be a great idea to feature one each month. In case you aren’t very familiar with what chakras are, here’s the low down.

Chakras are energy centers located down the middle of our bodies. Each of the chakras are associated with different psychological properties. Chakras are considered “open” when our energies can flow easily through them. When our chakras are blocked we can find different problems and issues popping up in our lives.

The Root Chakra
Color: Red
Location: Base of the spine
The Root Chakra is about being present in your body and feeling physically grounded and at home in situations. The chakra governs your feelings of stability and security.

If your root chakra is blocked you might have issues with co-dependency, inability to relax, unexplained feelings of fear and anxiety, feeling irrational amounts of anger, lacking confidence, fear of abandonment, and feeling tired.

There are tons of ways to open your root chakra if you feel you have a blockage. You can use crystals by setting (or holding) a stone such as hematite, red jasper, or black obsidian, over that area of your body. You can close your eyes and picture your chakra shining with a healthy red light, or you can do a chakra meditation. There are some really great resources out there!