Why I Love My Net-Kin

Psssst! Mornin’ my awesome, beautiful, gorgeous, one.

I need to say thank you, to YOU.

You see, I am amazed by you. I am amazed by who you are, by what you do every day. By your journey, your triumphs, your sorrows.

I am grateful that I get to connect with you through comments, facebook, twitter, email, forums, and blogs. The internet is so beautifully amazing and so are the people that I know.

I love getting to talk to you, to read your blogs, to see your updates on Facebook, and your tweets on twitter. I love getting to know you.

It’s damn magical.

I had so many people fill out my survey last month and I was just so amazed and incredibly touched by how lovely your responses were. I know that I have a wonderful tribe, but as I put the survey out into the world I figured I would get a troll-y response or two, maybe a mean criticism, or a bit of negative feedback. I braced myself for it. I told myself that it would help me grow, that I needed to be able to hear and absorb the negatives. The funny thing is, there weren’t any. Not one person out of the many that took the survey, said one thing that could be construed as negative or hurtful. (Accepting the negative wasn’t a lesson I had to learn that day, and I am okay with that!)

What I did learn was that I need to keep doing what I am doing. All I need to do is “show up” and the work does what it is supposed to. It was a beautiful, affirming, moment for me. I am so grateful for everyone’s feedback and for the fact that you allow me into your life and into your day the way that you do.

So allow me to reiterate. You are awesome. You are amazing. Thank you.

I love you,

  • And thank you!  I just found your site last week through someone's Facebook and I absolutely love it. 

  • Dominee

    Aww, shucks! Thank you for your sweet words! I'm so happy to have you here! <3

  • Gin

    You're a beautiful soul, Dominee. Much love to you.  ♥

  • We love you too Dominee!  Thank you for doing what you are doing 🙂

  • We love you too Dominee!  Thank you for doing what you are doing 🙂