Giving Your God Some Lovin’s

Happy Magic Monday you lovely yous!

I’m not uber open about my spiritual practices, mainly because talking about it is quite new to me and I’m always afraid that people are gonna give me the raised eyebrow and omgyouaresoweird look, but then again I get that anyway so who cares, right?

One of the things that have really enhanced my spiritual practice are daily devotions. Daily devotions are acts of prayer or worship that are done… well… daily. 🙂

In past posts I’ve referenced how relationships with Deity are not all that different from relationships with other people. My spiritual path is pretty eclectic. I have bonds with several Gods and I feel distinct personalities from each of them. How I worship them is based on those personalities. My Gods are really like people to me.

For instance Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, likes attention. She likes to be pampered and shown affection. She’s that friend that wants you to call her every day to chat, she wants to hang out, and in return she’ll be there for you when you need her and even when you don’t.

When I first started worshiping Aphrodite in earnest, I created a small altar to her, which you can see above. A lovely statue, seashells, and stones related to her. Every day I lit a candle for her and burned incense in her name. At the start of every week I bought her half a dozen roses to adorn her space and I’d later use the dried petals for various things.

That was the honeymoon phase so to speak, full of wooing and tokens of the affection. That was about three or four years ago and now we’ve settled into a comfortable relationship. A few weeks ago I was thinking about my daily practice and how I miss it. I still “talk” to Aphrodite on a daily basis, before I go to sleep usually, or at random parts of my day, but it’s become an unintentional thing. I wanted to bring intention back into my practice.

This last week and a half of spending time at my altar for her and lighting a candle, has had an amazing effect on me. It really gives me time to check in with myself and with Aphrodite. It feels good to have a daily practice again.

It fills up my heart in such of a full, beautiful, way.

Happy heart and happy spirit.

Do you have a daily practice as far as your religion or spirituality goes? How does that effect your life? If you don’t have a daily practice try starting one!

  • Elle

    There's a whole community of Aphrodite weirdos, er, I mean devotees, that love to mutually geek on Aphrodite. 🙂

  • Dominee

    Thanks for pointing that group out to me! My membership is now pending, yay!

  • Sibylle

    I love your Aphrodite altar, it's so beautiful!
    My spiritual practice is mostly oriented towards the cycles of nature, the moon, the seasons and so forth. But I do have some practices I do daily "naturally", at different times whenever it feels right, like grounding myself, nourishing myself with nature's energies, cleansing and shielding.
    Great subject!
    Much love and blessings,

  • Faeriedaughter

    Lurved this post – you are so right about deities wanting different things from you! I am so gonna knuckle down and explore this. Thanks dominee! x

  • Dominee

    Awww, thanks! You are welcome! I'd love to hear how it goes!

  • Dominee

    Yes she is! I believe that nature encompasses the energy of everything so I incorporate that into my practice when I can. Blessings and love to you too! I hope you are having a wonderful week! <3