So allow me to geek-out for a minute. Lord of the Rings is the most awesome movie trilogy ever made. If you don’t agree, it’s a’ight I still loves you.

This here picture relates to this post because today we’re talking about how awesomely WISE you are and how you need to seek your own council. Ya see, in the Lord of the Rings a council is convened to figure out what to do with the One Ring, a ring that has amazing power.

As everyone is fighting and arguing over what to do, Frodo Baggins steps forward, surprising himself and everyone else, and offers to take the ring to be destroyed. He knew what needed to be done and resolved to do it.

Last week I was having a lot of issues with work and I got lots of advice. Lots of wonderful, loving, (sometimes negative), advice on what I should do. It was all well-meaning and appreciated but I began to feel a bit overwhelmed.

I realized that while advice is sometimes helpful, and can open up new thought process, or allow your own thoughts to feel validated, the important part of any situation is listening to yourself and your intuition. You know what you need to do, about anything and everything!

You may feel confused, shy, wary, unsure, and uncertain but the bottom line is that you know the answers. You know what is right for you. Seek your own council. Be still and quiet and wait for your inner wise-woman(person) to point you in the right direction. You don’t need anyone to make your decisions for you or to tell you what to do.

Your heart knows.

Your soul knows.

So stand up bravely and announce that you know your way, you know the path you need to take. (Hopefully it doesn’t involve a trek to Mordor with a deranged, ring-obsessed, lunatic)

Form a bond of trust with yourself and your decisions. This can be difficult, I know. The more you begin to rely on your intuition the more you will trust your own feelings and your own decisions. This is a cornerstone of self love. To love thyself is to know thyself and vice-versa.

Remember to embrace your own wisdom, your own power, and your own ability to change your life in positive and meaningful ways.

“Not all who wander are lost.” – J.J.R. Tolkien

  • Pip Miller

    My nickname is because of LotR, but from way back before the movies. 😉 Excellent post!!!!

  • Ellie

    Great post! And Yes this is the greatest trilogy ever!!!!! I've have watched (extended editions of course) several several times. Did I mention several? LOL

  • I enjoy seeing your new approach to your online presence! The energy is getting closer to the "full you"!

  • Tina

    I love this post! I know what you mean about all of the advice which is sometimes well meaning and sometimes not so much.

  • Dominee

    Thank you! I love your name by the way! It's cheery! 😛

  • Dominee

    Hehehe, me toooo! I always make my friends who haven't seen it, watch it, so that they get to experience the awesomeness. I am SO EXCITED for the Hobbit, it brings back the LOTR nostalgia!

  • Dominee

    Thank you so much Christine I'm glad that it's noticeable and accepted. It's amazing how great it feels to not censor my thoughts or words for fear that they don't "belong".

  • Dominee

    I'm glad you liked it! I'm sure there will be more LOTR popping up in the future, possibly about the power of friendship! I think we all need a Samwise Gamgee! 😀