Be bright and brilliant in 2013!

By now you are probably well aware of how much I love the fabulous Leonie Dawson (aka Goddess Leonie). I was so excited when she announced that she was going to create a Business Edition of her Create Your Incredible Year Workbook + Planner and it’s HERE. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed! I am so excited to buy some lovely sparkly-glitter-marker-pens and get to planning how I am going to make 2013 as magical as possible.

I want you to join me!

I want you to dream!

I want you to make the commitment to making your year beautiful and magical. Full of dreams and wishes and hopes. Don’t just flounder around hoping that you have a good year, plan for it and then make it happen. Create Your Incredible Year right now!
Both workbooks are so vibrant and colorful (just my kind of thing!) but they also give you the space to be creative on your own, make it your own, and create a book of manifesting miracles that you can be proud of!
The Life Edition workbook is all about looking back on 2012 and making peace with it, how to make sustainable goals for the next year, create nourishing habits, and come up with a plan to be happy, shiny, and full of sparkles. You’ll sweat glitter.
The Business Edition (zomg do I loveslovesloves it) will help you get your brain right, it will get it business-centered, nourished, and so excited to plan what you’re going to do next year. This was like a lightening zinger to my business-heart just reading through the workbook and I haven’t even started it yet! Get yourself a marketing plan, set goals, discover what’s holding you back, and allow yourself to be successful. Your success depends entirely on you!

I absolutely can not wait to see what you guys discover from these awesome planners!

  • I just bought mine last night!!