Happy February! What are your fabulous plans for the month? Hopefully you’re filling out your Self Love Planner and planning your Big Self Care and your Word-of-the-Month.

Ya know, Valentine’s Day is coming up!

If you’ve checked your email this morning hopefully you saw your Blessing Manifesting Surprise!

Surprise #1 

The FREE Be Your Own Valentine ebook has arrived. It’s full of tips to make your Valentine’s Day the best day ever. Sign up for the Newsletter and it’s all yours! I can’t wait for you to read it and share your plans with me! I want everyone to have a wonderful day. If you are single, married, or something in between, I want you to have a great day. I want that to be my gift to you!

Surprise #2

I haz Valentine’s Day cards for you! They are perfect to print out, cut out, and pass around to the people in your life that just ooze awesomeness! 

Surprise #3

I’ve been having some fabulous responses to my 2013 Self Love Planner! You can watch a video review, take a look at the testimonial page, or check it out for yourself! Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and Self Love is very important, I’m offering the Planner for 50% off until 02/14. Use the code: BEMINE at checkout and you can get the planner for $6.50! I hope that you love it!

Surprise #4

I am so excited to announce the Blessing Manifesting Zazzle Shop. YAY! I plan to design inspirational t-shirts to make the world all bright and shiny, just the way I like it. I upload my designs to Zazzle and then Zazzle takes care of everything else. I get a 10% royalty for each product. Great stuff! I hope you enjoy and if there’s something you want to see, let me know!

My Valentine’s Day plan? I’m going to go see Warm Bodies! Love Story + Zombies, can you really go wrong there? I don’t think so!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

  • Arwen Lynch, Professional Joy

    How fun! My Valentine's Day will be spent at work and then doing what I always do. 😀 My honey and I have agreed not to celebrate VDay. LOL

  • Wow .. what a great fun post love the print out and the free ebook will be sharing this post with my friends and family .. well done 🙂

  • what fun, colorful, creative stuff you got going on Dominee! Awesome 🙂