10 Ways to Improve a Sucky Moment

Sometimes you’re going along, minding your own business when the Universe decides to throw a sucky moment your way.

They’re unavoidable ya know. You can try to duck but the Universe has some pretty gnarly aim. And it’s probably nothing personal, the Universe still loves you.

I thought I’d give you a few reminders of those things that you can do to make the sucky moments a little less sucky.

Take a deep breath. 
Seriously it helps. While you’re at it, make a conscious effort to relax your muscles and all the tense parts of yourself.

Play with something in your pocket. 
I mean a trinket of course. Having prayer beads, or a crystal, or a worry stone, or some special trinket in your pocket is a great way to distract yourself. Allowing yourself just a little distraction can help restart your awareness to what’s happening right now instead of the suck.

Don’t take it personally.
Just because you are having a bad moment for whatever reason, doesn’t mean life is against you and it’s never ever going to get better. Don’t do the whole self-fulfilling prophecy thing where you believe things are gonna keep sucking so they do. Push that invisible reset button and try to make it better.

Look on the bright side.
Okay, please don’t punch me in the face for this one. I know that when you’re having a crappy time, that’s usually the last piece of advice you want, but there is a brightside so you might as well do a little head nod of acknowledgement. After all, you’re breathing right now, right?

Don’t sweat what you can’t fix.
There’s something I like to do when I’m annoyed/upset/angry about something. I ask myself “Can I do anything to fix it?” If the answer is yes, then I try to do it. If the answer is no, then I do my best to let it go. Sometimes you just got to get over the little things and not stew about them. There’s something to be said for letting go and letting God.

Breathe in fresh air. 
Seriously, go stick your head out the window if you have to. Just getting a little sunshine can make you feel better. Fresh air can help you breathe deeper, and looking up at the endless sky and just seeing how big everything is can put things into perspective. Take a quick walk if you can, to get your blood moving and releasing those brain-happy endorphins.

Do something good for someone else. 
Reaching out and doing something nice for someone else can have an uplifting effect on your mood. One of the greatest ways to be joyful is to help other people onto that path. Whether it’s in little ways, or big ways, knowing that you have the power to make someone else smile is quite amazing.

Look at something funny.
With the phone and the internet you should have no lack of funny things to look at. Follow those funny spoof accounts on twitter, watch funny videos on youtube, (pssssttt! I love Harlem Shake videos!). There are tons of things out there just waiting to be laughed at.

Talk to that awesome person.
You know the one. They make you light up just thinking about them because they are just that darn awesome. Sometimes a good venting session is just what you need to shake it off and cheer up.

Do something new. 
It’s amazing what mixing up your schedule can do. Go catch a quick movie after work. Try a new food, take a nap, pick up a book that you wouldn’t normally read, seek out a new television show, try yoga or meditation. Mix things up!

What is your favorite way to improve a sucky moment?

  • Sibylle

    I love your suggestions! What I do when it happens to me is try to shift my physical stance or location, get up, stretch, etc. If that's not enough, I sometimes find a lot of relief in just letting it be. So I feel sucky right now, it's not the end of the world! Allowing a feeling often shortens its duration (it's sort of the opposite of "what you resist, persists") ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nayeli

    Thank you for this. I've been in the suck for over a week. Someone very close to me did something completely horrible. At first I thought it was to me. But then I realized that they only did it to themselves, I just got hurt by it. I used to immediately start thinking of ways to "fix" this person and they way they treat me and themselves. But then a voice in my head told me to stop, because they clearly don't want to help themselves. So I stopped trying to fix what was out of my hands. It still hurts when I think about it. And I think about it often. But now I know I can easily let go because it is out of my hands. I really hope this person learns to help themself, but until then I will focus all my energy on me and all that I can do to better myself. Thanks again for the reminder and the great tips. I often say to myself that I will join meetup groups and "get out and meet people". But then, last minute I back out. This time, I'm gonna do it. I already have a picnic to go to tomorrow. I hope the weather is nice. ๐Ÿ˜€