I came up with the idea last year that it would be awesome to have little monthly Life-Improving challenges but then life got in the way and I got busy.

Sometimes it’s hard to make changes and we need a little bit of an extra push to start making good things happen.

That’s why, for the rest of the year, I want to run  (free) monthly one-week challenges designed to encourage you to make your life awesomer. More awesome.


So far, I have Meditation (this month’s challenge), Take Your Picture week, Body Movement, Seven Days of Play, Art-a-day, and maybe some other things will come to me.

Any other week long challenges you’d be interested in?

Starting June 23rd we’re having a Meditation Challenge, you can sign up here! I have a confession to make, I am not a huge fan of traditional meditation. Sitting still, in complete silence, doesn’t do a lot for me, but there are other forms of meditation and I want to share them with you.

Meditation can be more than just sitting in quiet or chanting ‘om’. If you don’t like meditating or you feel intimidated by what you think meditation should be, then this challenge is for you!

I like to use guided meditations as well as nature sounds and spiritual music to meditate to. Every day for a week you’ll get a meditation reminder e-mail as well as links to my favorite (free) guided meditations around the interwebz AND an invite to a Facebook group for extra accountability.

Want to know more?

I hope you’ll accept the challenge!

  • Linda Ursin

    Personally, I meditate easily (although I need to get better at actually sitting down and doing it), but I know a lot of people in my network need this, so I'm going to recommend it to them. Then Ill sign up myself, to get back to the practice 🙂 Thanks for doing this