Summer Solstice

This Friday marks the first official day of Summer, or the Summer Solstice. It is the longest day of the year, when the sun reigns as king in the sky.

It’s a celebration of light.

A celebration of heat and passion and sunshine and sweat trickling down your back as the sun shines on you.

I love the celebration of the seasons and marking the changes as the wheel of the year turns.

You can celebrate the season of summer in so many different ways. Go outside and spend time in nature, enjoy the sunshine upon you, the sun that nourishes all of the things that you see and gives them life. The energy that you feel buzzing and vibrating through you and the things around you, is the energy of summer. The heat radiating from the pavement, the shadows created by the sunshine through the trees, the warmth of the soil beneath your feet.

Noticing those things, those simple summertime things, and appreciating them, is a great way to celebrate.

Go outside and go on a nature walk. Spend time playing outside with your family. Go camping or swimming. Show your appreciation for Mama Earth and all she gives us by spending some time with her.

How are you going to celebrate summer?

  • Now that I live in the tropics I get to celebrate summer everyday! Last week I felt called to connect with mama earth so I sat in the ocean and let fish swim around me. I even saw a little clam bury himself beside me. It was so beautiful!