Thanks to everyone who entered! The winners were chosen at random and you can now see them below! Thank you! xoxo

I’m feeling pretty awesome right now. You see, the last few months I’ve been very busy creating something that I’m over the moon excited about.

The 2014 Self Love Planner Workbook.

It was finished a month before the release date which is November 24th! Mark your calendars! The sales page is already up, newsletters are set to go out, and I’m 95% ready to launch right now. I’ve never had my shit together like this. It’s pretty awesome.

The fear of sucking and not being good enough is fading.

Usually I’m scrambling until the very last minute to get everything done. I’m stressed out and frantic which then leads to overwhelm and a bit of depression. Rarely do I ever really enjoy launching something. And marketing. Ugh marketing. It’s never been my favorite thing. This all stems from insecurity and fear that I’m gonna be a big ol’ failure. I’m not letting those thoughts hang around this time.

On 11/24 I’m going to give three lucky winners a free copy of my newest thing the 2014 Self Love Planner + Workbook. It’s gonna be epic and I hope that you’ll love it. 60+ pages o’ awesome that you can print out and color on or fill in and save right from your computer! Also, my Self Love Story, What Self Love is, how Self Care can rock your world, and how you can do it easily and sustainably.

My job is to help, encourage, and remind women to love themselves.

This planner is all about encouraging you to make time for yourself every second of every day. I hope you’ll purchase a copy for yourself when it comes out. It will be awesome!

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Is there anything you’d like to see in this year’s planner?

  • What an amazing looking project!

  • kat79

    More organized and not so hard on myself is my goal for 2014

  • Dottie

    I love this blog and FB page. Always great stuff here to help anyone and everyone.

  • Laurie Burns

    I would like to not talk down to myself all the time!

  • Ruby

    To take more time just for myself in 2014.

  • Rebecca Perry

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing planner Dominee! I definitely need more self love in my life xx

  • Lindsay Marriott

    What an amazing gift to the world! Thank you for the chance to win this, Dominee, and thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! My self-love goal for 2014 is to develop my own self-love and help to promote it to others in a gentle and loving way!

  • Rebecca Costin

    to find my passion and pursue it, no holds barred 🙂

  • lilacwolf

    Find a way to earn money from something I'm passionate about.

  • Katou

    For 2014, my biggest wish is to start to love myself, accept that I have a reason to be here and a purpose in life and have the confidence required to work in something I enjoy doing whatever it is. Also that all areas in my life begin to improve, it's time I start to believe that being a good person and having good intentions will get me somewhere and will let me have a lot of opportunities of meeting interesting people, having a social life, activities and meet a very special man who will accept and love me for who I am, not only when I'm gonna change and be perfect. I want to focuse on what's really important in my life and respect my values. I am WORTHY and I have to start believing that the sooner the better. Thank you so much Dominee for the quotes that you write everyday on facebook, you inspire me to be a better person, I want everybody to read them. Take care 🙂

  • Dr. Susannah

    My self-love goal for 2014 is to maintain the complete change in lifestyle that was immensely helped by my purchase of your 2013 Self-Love calendar. Hope I win. 🙂

  • I love this and love what you're doing. This is my first time visiting your blog and I'm already *swooning*

  • MJ

    This is so timely, because this is going to by MY year! Sounds awesome!

  • Renee

    I am SO very excited for this to come out! I have done all of the steps to make sure I am in the running for the free copy because this time of year is always so hard on me– physically, emotionally and financially. Thanks for making this, and offering this! I cannot wait for the inspiration and organization that is sure to come from this!