Mary Lambert is one of my musical icons, not only because of her lovely voice but because of her powerful music. She is a body positivity warrior and this song resonated so deeply with me. It’s hard to love your body. So hard. You have to fight through years of baggage, sometimes even trauma, to claim your body as your own. Give this a listen and check out her: Body Love Campaign

Our bodies deserve more than to be war-torn and collateral
Offering this fuckdom as a pathetic means to say,
“I only know how to exist when I am wanted.”

Girls like us are hardly ever wanted, you know
We’re used up and we’re sad and drunk and
Perpetually waiting by the phone for someone to pick up and tell us that we did good
Well, you did good.

(I know I am because I said, “I am.”
My body is home)

Try this
Take your hands over your bumpy love body naked
And remember the first time you touched someone
With the sole purpose of learning all of them
Touched them because the light was pretty on them
And the dust in the sunlight danced the way your heart did
Touch yourself with a purpose
Your body is the most beautiful royal

  • Terry Gachoka

    Beautiful 🙂