You Stay In the Picture

Selfies have been getting a bit of a bad rap lately. You’ll see articles about how selfies are linked to mental illness, narcissism, and addiction.
Selfies are also linked to liking the way your face looks, a good hair day, a happy moment, or an act of self acceptance. It’s really what you want it to be. Celebrate your face but don’t spend 10 hours a day trying to take the perfect selfie, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Join is for SEVEN days of selfie prompts.

Before I started my self love journey I absolutely hated having my picture taken. Hated, despised, loathed it. It made me want to have a panic attack, seriously. Very few pictures are in existence from the age of 15-25 and the ones that you will find were taken covertly by my little sister and were quite unflattering as I was likely to be in the midst of eating or making a funny face.

Self love happened and I realized something.

I had no tangible memories. No pictures of myself with any of the people I knew in high school, no pictures of me with any of my family members back in Ohio, no pictures of me with my friends, one picture with my niece when she was a baby, none of me with my first boyfriend (hey, at least that one I don’t miss the memories of!). The point is, I had so many opportunities to permanently capture memories but I didn’t because of one silly reason.

I hated my face.

Imagine hating something that you have to see every day, something that’s permanently attached to you, that you have to carry around forever. Eventually I got over it because it is my face and I am going to have it forever, I ought to find a way to love it, and I did. I love it fiercely.

So I started taking pictures of it.

Of my gorgeous brown eyes, the freckles scattered all over my face (that I absolutely love!), my happy smile, my crazy curly hair. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like every picture of my face that I take, but that’s okay. As long as I can like 1 in 5, or even 1 in 50, then I’m farther along than I was five years ago.

I look at the photo gallery in my phone and see over 200 pictures of myself. Captured memories of happy times, good hair days, bright smiles, freckles galore, contemplative gazes, and a love and appreciation for that thing that I call my face.

I want to share that face-love.

This month is all about celebrating, celebrating you, your life, and yes, even your face.You might hate it at first, you might think that every picture you take sucks, but eventually there will be that one where you go:

“Hot damn I’m fucking gorgeous.”

…or something to that effect. Maybe you look nice today! I hope that you’ll join the challenge. You can sign up for e-mail reminders as well as resources, daily assignments, and a free ebook, or you can just make a greater effort of including yourself in the pictures you take and those that are taken around you!

Stay in the picture! 

Please share, spread the love, and get your friends and your peoples to join!