Week One: 31 Days of Self Love

On the 1st we started the totally free 31 Days of Self Love and it has been beautiful. It’s made me cry twice. I love seeing women support each other, tell each other that they’re beautiful, and share their own personal stories. The amount of support and encouragement has warmed by heart, and the fact that I’m the one facilitating it, that I created that space, it affirms everything that I’ve ever thought about myself and myself.

If you’d like to join us, (no pressure) please do!

Here’s what we’ve been working through so far.



  • Marisa

    Boy, do we all need lessons on loving ourselves these days! Especially now! Thanks for the inspiration! I try to instill these skills in my students. If they can learn now, life will not be such a struggle in their adult years.

  • I love this. I really need to practice self care. Thank you for this!

  • Gloria H

    Great idea! Too many women (and men) are told by social media that we’re not good enough when we are!

  • Sandra Pawula

    Love, love, love, these prompts!

  • Love the imagery and the prompts- self-love is so important to living a fulfilled life

  • As a visual person I really like the images you’ve created! This sounds like it’s a wonderful challenge.