December 2016: Self Care Check-In

How are you showing love to yourself right now, right here today? We’re in the last month of 2016 and I think most of us can collectively agree that 2016 frankly sucked. I’m committed to making this last month of it a special one. It’s tempting to kind of rush through it, get it over with, get to 2017, see the other side, as if waiting on the stroke of midnight December 31st will be a brand new everything. It’s tempting to sleep the month away, I’m not going to do that though.

I’ve spent the last month indulging in  much-needed hibernation. November was a long month, we had Thanksgiving, Black Friday, I released the 2017 Self Love Workbook, and oh yeah, that presidential election happened here in the US.

Whenever I release a thing like the 2017 Self Love Workbook, I suffer from post-project-depression. Suddenly there’s nothing to fill my time and I feel depleted of energy and creativity. It happens every time so I know to take a step back and relax and enjoy the nothingness.

So while it is still tempting to become intimately acquainted with my bed, I’m not going to. I want December to be happy in a way that November wasn’t. I want December to fill up all of the joy that November seemed to leech out of me.

I’ve never been big on the holidays (read: You have permission to be a Scrooge) but this month I feel like celebrating for myself. This month is going to be about celebrating and it’s something I very much need right now. That’s my self care for this month – celebrating and getting into the holiday spirit.

What about you? What do you need right now?

I ask you to also make sure that you are practicing self care, that you are taking a look at your day-to-day and that there’s something in there that makes you feel better.
What do you need to make yourself feel better? Big scale? Little scale? What can you do for yourself right now?

What’s your self care looking like right now? What’s your self care plan for this month?

december self care

What’s Happening at Blessing Manifesting?

I released the 2017 Self Love Workbook
Sometime around the weekend of December 18th we’re going to share/talk about/work through the 2016 part of the planner together
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The December session of the Self Love Guide has begun on Compassion + Forgiveness
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