In 2013, I created the Be Your Own Valentine ebook and in 2015 I turned it into a mini-course on being sweet to yourself. This year it’s coming with a video series! Sign up!
You’re going to get the e-book, seven days of e-mails AND me on video being adorably awkward. Each video will be about 5 minutes long and cover a different topic and how it relates to Self Love.

Self Love Video Series

Day One: Worth
Day Two: Letting Go
Day Three: Self-Acceptance
Day Four: Boundaries
Day Five: Self-Care
Day Six: Power
Day Seven: Home

I am so excited!

It runs the 8th-14th and I really hope you’ll join us! Sign up right here! Even if you’ve joined us in the past and already have the book, let’s have a refresher!

Valentine’s day is a reminder to focus on love.

All kinds of love. Family, friends, lovers, spouses, and yes, you knew it was coming – yourself.

In the past, I hated this day that represented everyone else’s happily ever after until I realized that I was living my own unconventional fairy tale. It can have a passionate romance or not. There can be a Prince Charming, or not. It doesn’t change my own role in my little story of finding happiness and fulfillment. That’s the way we all try to write our story isn’t it? With magic and happiness, the main ingredients.

How are you going to embrace magic + happiness this Valentine’s Day? Or every day even?

Do the things that you wish someone would do for you. You are allowed to. You don’t have to feel weird about it. It doesn’t make you lame or silly. It just means that you recognize how awesome you are and that you deserve a bit of pampering because it’s hard to be so awesome all of the time. I know.

Buy yourself a box of chocolate, get a pretty bouquet of flowers to decorate your space, make (or order out) a delicious meal, buy yourself jewelry or new art supplies or something that you really want for the simple reason that it will make you happy. Brighten someone else’s day. Make sure that everyone you meet feels adored and special. Yourself included you wonderful person you.

Answer this: What are you gonna do for you on Valentine’s Day?

I can’t wait to see you there. I’ll also be hanging out in the SoulSisterhood to discuss your thoughts, so join us there too!