Summer Self-Care Challenge

It’s almost a brand new month! That means it’s time to grab your Self-Love Workbook, turn to the monthly review pages for June, and let it all go. Release, release, release. Next, turn the page and start filling out your goals and self-care plans for July. Need to make a to-do list so that you can stay on top of it all? There’s a spot for that.

I never much liked summer until I started managing my depression and practicing self-care. It made me actually want to go outside. I remember it clearly, even though it was eight years ago. That summer was the best because I decided that I was going to do things that made me happy. I went to the park for picnics and shared my cotton candy with strangers, I flew a kite all by myself, I climbed a tree for the first time in my life, I went to my first yoga class, I took long walks in the early morning when you could still see the moon on the horizon.

That was the first summer I truly enjoyed myself and it was because I filled it with so many new things.

I have a Summer Self-Care Challenge for you.

Enjoy this month of summer. Even though the heat can sometimes be miserable – find a way to get outside and enjoy the warmth and the sunlight. Sprinkle your day with the things that you need, or want, or that make you smile. Here are some ways to practice self-care this month.

Social Self-Care: Summer is a great time to go out and do things. If you’re feeling social – plan trips to the zoo or waterparks or BBQs with all of your friends. On the opposite side of it – maybe what you really need is a break and some rest and some one-on-one time with your favorite person. What are you feeling like right now?

Body Self-Care: Summer can make you feel insecure about your body. Fight against those feelings. Show your arms. Wear that two-piece or short shorts. Wear the things that make you feel good about yourself and your body and work through those feelings of discomfort. It takes work but you can do it. And I know you’ve heard this a million times but stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun!

Life Self-Care: Lazy summer days are my favorite things. What’s your favorite thing? Do that thing. Treat yourself to ice cream every Saturday or go on a long hike where you sweat out all of the things that are bothering you. Love your life this month.

Spirit Self-Care: I’ve been taking early morning walks while listening to the Anne of Green Gables series on audiobook. It’s bliss I tell you. It may not be the traditional type of spiritual but it makes me feel so light and warm and happy. What’s making your spirit sing this month?

You Self-Care: Remember to love yourself. Fiercely. Treat yourself like you matter. Treat yourself like you are important.

I’ve included a little calendar of fun activities for you to try. If you do try them I’d love for you to take pictures and share on social media with the hashtag #summerselfcare

How are you practicing Self-Care right now?

  • What a timely post for me! I’ve made a crazy (for me) decision, and doing something I’ve never done. I’m taking the entire month of July as hiatus, and writing on my novel. Yikes! But is it ever time . . .

  • Reba Linker

    I love your self-care calendar and I will print it out and take some inspiration when I need it. This is wonderful, thank you. And I really appreciate your sharing your personal story and enjoyed your description of that first good summer 8 years ago! Sweet memories, aren;t they, when we tae our happiness in our own hands?!

    • Dominee

      Yes they are! Thank you Reba!

  • Hey Dominee,

    YES! I love this challenge to put ourselves first this summer. Sharing and can’t wait to give it a try myself.

    – Nadalie

    • Dominee

      Thank you Nadalie!

  • Whitney Kay

    I love this. ? great post

    • Dominee

      Thanks Whitney!

  • This is great! Wish I could download the calendar.. awesome!

    • Dominee

      I’m glad you like it!

  • Love this the calendar rocks and challenges are great for getting back on track xxx

    • Dominee

      Thanks Suzie!

  • Paula | The Value of a Moment

    I accept your challenge! What a marvelous idea!!

    • Dominee

      Doooo it! Thanks love!

  • Nina Ahmedow

    Early morning walks are such a nice idea, and you can combine them with some ice cream. 😀

    • Dominee

      Oh, yes!

  • I LOVE this…I am going to take this challenge!!!

    • Dominee


  • What you are doing is so great! Loved this idea! Summer is long gone here in India but I would so love to take this challenge next month!