May I Be Part of Your Morning Routine?

How is your morning routine looking?

Do you wake up and snooze... and snooze... and snooze?

Do you wake up with your time already rationed to the minute to get you out the door in time?

Do you wake up worried and anxious about the day ahead?

Do you absolutely dread climbing out of bed in the morning?

How would you feel about giving me 5-10 minutes of your morning routine?

(Be)Loved is a daily morning love note from the Universe to you. 

I sometimes suffer from morning anxiety and I was thinking about what would be the perfect thing to help me.

Waking up to a love note, words of love and affirmation, and comfort? Yes, please.

This isn't just for my fellow morning-anxietiers. 

This is for anyone that wants to start their morning on a positive, affirming, loving note. 

So often we wake up on auto-pilot. Taking those precious 10 minutes to check in, to be mindful, to focus on the Self - that's magic.

You are worthy. You are deserving. You are loved.

Starting on April 1st through April 30th your morning love notes will arrive in your inbox at 3am CST in .mp3 format. They'll be 5-10 minutes long. 

You'll hear my voice telling you good morning, pulling an oracle card for you, and giving you an inspirational message to start off your day as well as a reminder to practice self-care.

Listen to your .mp3 while you're in bed and allow yourself to snuggle into the blankets as the love pours all over you.

Enjoy the wisdom of the oracle over your morning coffee.

Check in with yourself and your needs on your drive to work.

I am so excited to help you create a nourishing morning routine. To start the day feeling loved and worthy.

You are so deserving.