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Blessings of the Seasons Bundle Pack

Each of these ebook/workbook combos are designed to help you work with the energy of each season to fine-tune your self care practices on a physical and emotional level. Change your thinking about yourself and your life. Embrace the magic and the mystical of animal guides and crystal healing and see how your life begins to shift and transform into something even more lovely. If you'd like to own all of my seasonal ebooks at a super low price then you should get the Blessings of the Seasons Bundle Pack! You get my Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer ebooks with their corresponding Workbooks for less than it would cost to buy them all individually!
All four ebooks + workbooks are only $18!

Blessings of Summer 

Allow yourself to be vibrant and full of light as you embrace the energy of summertime. This cute little e-book + workbook will show you how to incorporate the intensity of summer with your self care routine. Summer brings some additional self care challenges both on a physical level and an emotional one! 

Do you need tips on how to embrace your creativity and discover the drive to get things done?

Do you want to get in touch with your sexuality or learn how to have a joyful business?

Do you hate summer and want to see the season in a new light?

Here's what you get:

  • 65 pages of Blessing Manifesting Wisdom
  • Sections on Physical/Emotional/You + You/Spiritual/Business/Sexual Self Care. I give you tips on how to take care of yourself in all of these areas!
  • Information on 11 different stones and crystals to help you vibrate with energy and creativity and 10 different essential oils that go with the season and a few recipes on how you can use them!
  • Connect with seven Summer Animal Guides, including Lion, Otter, Praying Mantis and more!
  • Information on the colors and chakras of the season.
  • Rituals and spells for creativity, love, and energy!
  • Wanna know how to have a picnic without an invasion of ants or why a white sheet can make a fantastic canvas for paint? Have fun this summer!
  • We end the book with written guided meditations to get you all zen-like!
  • The Workbook contains 15 wonderful worksheets to let you radiate awesome!

Blessings of Autumn

Autumn has always been a time of magic and spirit and getting in touch with the deep well of spirit inside of me. There's just something in the air that tells me "Let go. Release those things that are making you unhappy and holding you back." Autumn is a great time to embrace that concept and to really get in touch with what you want going forward. Why Autumn is a great time to clean and get rid of your stuff.

Get tips on how to be gentle with yourself as the balance between light and darkness shifts.

Amp up your self care practices.

Learn how to let go of all of the things that are holding you back.

Discover how to enjoy the season and develop a greater appreciation for it.

What's in it?

  • 53 pages of Autumn-kissed wisdom.
  • Sections on how to practice self care physically, emotionally, and how to get in touch with yourself.
  • Information on eight stones that represent autumn energy. Crystals to add balance to your life and help you let go of the things that you no longer need.
  • The details on eight wonderful, spicy, essential oils that will help you get in touch with the wonderful properties of Autumn as well as six aromatherapy recipes.
  • The wisdom of Jackal, Crow, Bat, and more autumn animals!
  • Information on the colors and chakras of the season.
  • Rituals to connect with your ancestors, bless your home, and balance your life.
  • We end the book with two guided meditations written by me!
  • The Workbook contains 11 worksheets all to help you to see the beauty of Autumn and the amazing things you can do in it!

Blessings of Winter

Winter is one of those seasons that you either love it or you hate it. You can spend the time cooped up indoors or you can embrace the magic of the season, of sitting in silence and stillness and looking within. There are so many wonderful things to be found there. So cuddle up with a nice warm drink this winter, grab your favorite blanket and discover what winter means for you.  

What's in it?

  • 58 pages of Blessing Manifesting Wisdom
  • Sections on Physical/Emotional/You + You Self Care and how to be gentle with yourself throughout the Winter Season.
  • Information on six different stones that will keep you grounded and in touch with your emotions this Winter.
  • Four different essential oils that represent Winter + eight different aromatherapy recipes you can use them in!
  • We learn the lessons that bear, penguin, moose, and seal have to teach us.
  • Information on the colors and chakras of the season.
  • Rituals to manifest the things you need and release the things that you don't.
  • Why this is the perfect time for divination, pull out your oracle cards and pendulums!
  • We end the book with written guided meditations to get you all blissed out!
  • The Workbook contains 13 worksheets on the wisdom of Winter!

Blessings of Spring

New beginnings! Brand new ideas, embarking on exciting adventures and planning, planning, planning. It's time to plant the seeds it's time to get your hands messy with earth and begin the process of making things happen. Spring is about newness and while it's exciting it can also be scary. In this ebook/workbook combo I'm sharing with you the magical and the mundane to help you have an amazing spring. 

What's in it?

  • 65 pages of Blessing Manifesting Wisdom
  • Twelve articles on emotional/physical/spiritual Self Love
  • Information on 10 different stones and crystals to help you rock the season. Get it....? "Rock"? Stones... rocks.... Yeah....
  • The low-down on aromatherapy and 6 oils for Spring that will heal and inspire you + 10 recipes to get you started.
  • Connect with seven spring animal guides, including Rabbit and Snake. Plus you're going to see how Chicken and Sheep aren't bad totems to have despite their reputation!
  • Information on the colors and chakras of the season as well as seven rituals to make your wishes come true, embrace abundance, and get in touch with your fertility, which doesn't just mean baby makin', although that could be fun too!
  • Are you dreading Spring Cleaning? Never fear! I give you a Spring Cleaning battle plan that will have you mopping the floor with your feelings of overwhelm. (I'm working the one-liners today!)
  • Have you ever eaten a bird's nest? How's about a mudpie with a worm coming out of it? I'll give you the delicious recipes + some other arts, crafts, and activities ideas!
  • We end the book with two written guided meditations to get you feeling awesome!
  • The Workbook contains 11 fabulous worksheets to manifest an amazing season!