If you want to learn how to tap into your inner wisdom, your goddess-self, then this little ebook is for you. It's a reminder that inside of you is a wise, radiant, being, that knows just what to do. 


Go through the ABCs to learn the most important aspects of self care. Acceptance, Boundaries, Caring for yourself, Don't think you have to be perfect, Engage in life and so much more!


This is for anyone who's having a bad day and want's to know it will get better (spoiler alert: it gets better), this little ebook has several articles on how to beat the blues with self care.

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Free Ecourses

Do you hate silent meditation? Do you have trouble quieting your mind and sitting in silence so you skip meditating altogether? I've got your answer! The Meditation Challenge is Seven Days of emails encouraging you to meditate with noise, sounds, and guided meditations. No silence here! Sign up for free!
Do you want to explore your story and do a little bit of journaling? Get Your Journaling On is a free ecourse that gives you 7 days worth of journaling prompts. It encourages you to create a daily practice of journaling and exploring your story. If you want somethin in-depth, check out Journey Through Journaling!

Random Acts of Kindness Printables