Journey Through Journaling





Bonus Prompt:

When have you felt the most spiritually fulfilled?
When was the first time you can remember challenging your views about spirituality?
When you were little how did you see God?
Is your present spiritual path based on your childhood or something you've discovered yourself?
  • Do you want to write about your thoughts and experiences?
  • Do you have trouble writing about yourself?
  • Do you have tons of journals and notebooks that remain full of blank pages?
  • Do you stare at the computer screen waiting for juicy inspiration?
  • Do you want to dig deep inside of your past and discover how it has shaped you?
  • Have you ever felt like your story needs to be written but you don't know where to start?
  • Does your Inner Critic open her big mouth and stop you from writing before you even begin?
  • Do you need to develop your own writing style and learn how to write your way?
7019938This e-course provides you with THREE weeks of journaling prompts (+ 3 weeks of bonus prompts in ebook form), over 230 questions, designed to inspire you to dig deep into your story and to reframe your experiences. 
You'll learn why journaling is important, how you can defeat the blank page, shut down your inner critic, and come up with a writing ritual that nourishes you. I want you to write your story, but more important than that, I want you to enjoy writing your story.

I want your words to make a difference, even if it's only in making a difference to you.
This is GREAT for bloggers that want to share more personal stories on their blogs but are having trouble coming up with topics.

  • What You're Gonna Get

    • You will get an e-book on the ins and outs of journaling and how it has helped me. Plus, how to write YOUR way and how to get over those not-good-enough feelings as well as an ebook filled with 54 writing prompts.
    • You'll recieve one email each week for three weeks with a journaling prompt for each day! That's nine prompts, each week, for three weeks!
    • There are 54 themes including: Shame, Passion, Regret, Roads Less Traveled, Wounds, Struggles, Strength, Burdens, and Bravery, just to name a few!
    • Each theme has several questions that go with it and there are 220+ questions in all.

    Dig Deep Into Your Heart For Answers

    Defeat the inner critic!
    I really want this journaling course to change your life. I want it to give you those moments of profound wisdom. I want you to discover, and re-discover, things that you've forgotten or hidden from yourself. There's so much more to you than what's on the surface. You are light and you are darkness, you are hopes and dreams, you are responsibilities and burdens, and you are your wounds and your healings. All of those things, the good and the bad, are the things that make you who you are.Don't hide from those things any longer.

    By the time you finish this journaling ecourse, you will have a solid knowing of yourself, your journey, and who you are at the foundation of your being.

    I want you to see the beautiful parts of yourself and the ugly parts of yourself. I want you to see that each aspect is essential to who you are right now.

    • What is the deepest wound you've ever inflicted on someone?
    • What is the bravest thing you've ever done?
    • When was a time that you let something go and you shouldn’t have?
    • When have you had to fight for something you wanted?
    • What is the worst lie you’ve ever told someone?

    It is time to tell your story, it is time to journey through your heart, your mind, and your spirit to rediscover who you are. 

     Frequently Asked Questions
    What do I need?
    Access to your email, and a way to write. You can do this pen and paper style, in a word program, or on your blog. 
    What if I've never journaled before?
    No problem. If you can write (or type) then you can keep a journal and experiment with these prompts.

    Do I have to be good at writing?
    Nope! The only one you've got to measure up to is you. This is not about making you a writer, it's about giving a voice to your thoughts and experiences.

    Do I have to follow the prompts day-by-day?
    Not if you don't want to! Each week you get an email with a prompt for each day, as well as two bonus prompts. You can write each day, or on the weekend, or when you have time, or when a prompt really calls to you. Skip the ones you aren't feeling.

    How much does it cost?
    $12 and you get to keep all of the materials forever and ever.

    How long will I have access to the material?
    Forever and ever. The emails are yours to keep and you will also get all of the prompts in ebook form at the end of the 3 weeks.

    Do you have an affiliate program?
    Yes I do! You get 50% of the purchase price for every Journey Through Journaling sold specifically through your link!