Oracle Card Reading

What's stopping you from loving yourself?

So you've decided to work on the whole self love thing but maybe you don't know where to begin or what, exactly, is the thing that's stopping you. The Self Love Oracle is a guide to help you discover what issues are stopping you from loving yourself, how to start healing those issues and then an overall message of where you should focus your self love.
This is a digital product consisting of a .pdf (in full color) that you can download and view from your computer.
This original spread consists of three cards drawn. (You can also choose the one card option)

Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment only, it is not a substitute for medical, legal, or professional advice. 

Card One

The first card pulled will tell me what's stopping you from loving who you are. 
This can be a way that you are sabotaging yourself, something in the past that you haven't let go of, or aspects of yourself that you refuse to practice acceptance for.

Card Two

This card is pulled and placed above the 1st card. It represents what you need to concentrate on in order to start overcoming those thoughts, feelings, or situations that are stopping you from feeling the love.

Card Three

Want to know where your focus needs to be moving forward? This card will indicate what you need to remember in the future and what will help you keep your forward momentum so that you can live an utterly luscious life. 

This will change your life.

Not only will this help you figure out where to begin your self love journey (or what to focus on next!) but I'll tap into my intuition and share my own wisdom with you. Expect love notes, affirmations, encouraging words from me, as well as insightful prompts and action-ables to encourage you to take the next step. It's time to get into the driver's seat and change your life. I'll totes be the GPS.
Self love is a hard process. It takes more than looking in the mirror and complimenting yourself (although feel free to start there!) to foster a sense of self love. It takes heart-work and hard-work. It takes caring enough to try again even when you have negative thoughts about yourself. What's stopping you right now from taking this step?

What you can expect?

Aside from big changes and a flood of feel-good-fuzzies from you-to-you?
After your purchase you'll be sent a link to a questionnaire I'd like you to fill out. Here you can choose your deck as well as confirm your e-mail.

I will do your reading, scan the cards onto my PC, write up the description of the card and my interpretations of them, and then I will send the reading to you in .pdf format within 10 days

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Want a general reading?

 Maybe you want guidance about a job or a relationship or a little bit of insight about what is coming next for you. Let me help. The magic that takes place with a card reading is really wonderful. The cards give the message and my inner wise woman translates. Maybe you're not seeing the big picture or you need a gentle kick in the bum to help you notice what's been right in front of you and waiting for attention. 
You'll get your reading within 10 days in a colorful .pdf with scans of the card(s) and my interpretation of what it means for you. All readings come with journaling prompts related to the cards to help you discover your own meanings and interpretations.
Journey Through The Oracle...
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You can choose one deck for the entire year or change it up by emailing me at Dominee@BlessingManifesting a week before the end of each month, it's totally up to you! You save $81 with the One Year package!

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2414936"I just wanted to send you an email and say THANK YOU. This reading was... I don't even know how to describe it. There was so much in there that clicked, and made sense, and the wisdom I got from it was invaluable. Thank you so much for helping me by doing this reading, I needed this insight so badly." -- Jessica  
3845540"The reading couldn't be more spot on! It was perfectly aligned with my question. It gave me courage, support and affirmed my inner wisdom. Awesomelicious!"  -- Ellen 
1213915"You are such a talented card reader Dominee. I can't explain how much it means to me. The first reading in Autumn resonated for a very long time. This reading resonates again. It just fits, totally." -- Lindsay


"Without me saying a word about what I was going through, I received a 3 page reading based on 1 Oracle card.  Can I just say:  I was blown away!  Every single thing written spoke deeply to me and was incredibly relevant for my life at the current moment.  She has amazing insights and a very very talented reader.  I cannot stress how much she has helped me in my life, just with one reading." -- Renee 
"What a beautiful reading you did for me! And considering we've never actually met, it makes me shiver just how much of what you told me is in line with both my life, and the questions I was asking. I feel much more at peace this week, thank you." -- Sam
"Thank you so much for the reading! I can’t believe it—it was exactly what I needed to hear! I look forward to getting more readings for you in the future!"

Take a deep breath and see what deck you feel connected to.