One of my biggest life lessons has been on loving myself. 
It was not an easy journey. There was a laundry list of things that need "fixed" both within myself and in my life.
I'd like to tell you that there was one magical thing that made it happen. There wasn't.

There were a hundred things and thousands of little moments when I chose something different for myself. Intentionally. It was a constant battle of pushing the weight of all my baggage up a hill. And slowly I let it go. And as much as we want to believe that we truly want to let go of that baggage, sometimes we don't. We carry it with us because it's safe and it feels comfortable even when it hurts.
Learning to let it go, maybe that was the magic.

Self-Love is such a multi-faceted process. It's different for everyone. The magic is different for each of us, the baggage, the hill, the tools we use to painstakingly begin to climb it. That's why I'm so in love with this work.

The Self-Love Guide takes you on a journey of 12 of those steps.

Week One: Destruction

Meditation: Burning Away
Video: How Destruction Helps Us
Articles: Sacred Space, The Power of Destruction
Ritual: Ashes and Regrowth - Release the things that you no longer need.
Goddess Wisdom: Kali

Week Two: Self Love

Meditation: Opening Heart
Video: Narrating Your Experiences
Articles: What's Wrong? + Have A Love Affair With Yourself.
Ritual: Vows of Love - make a commitment to yourself
Goddess Wisdom: Aphrodite

Week Three: Nurture

Meditation: Connect to Earth (grounding)
Video: Nurturing Your Personal Growth
Articles: How Do You Need To Grow? Who Are Your Teachers?
Ritual: Growth and Nurturing - Garden, plant seeds, or take care of a houseplant.
Goddess Wisdom: Gaia

Week Four: Inner Voice

Meditation: Connect to Your Inner Guide
Video: Embrace Your Wisdom
Articles: Wise Mind, Wise Self vs Inner Critic, Inner Voice
Ritual: Create a Holy Book - create a book or journal that reflects your true self.
Goddess Wisdom: Persephone

Week Five: Wildness

Meditation: Secret Garden
Video: Be Wild
Articles: What Makes You Wild? Get out and be in Nature.
Ritual: Wild Goddess - embrace your connection to the earth and your primal self.
Goddess Wisdom: Artemis

Week Six: Healing

Meditation: Healing Rain
Video: It's Okay to Heal.
Articles: Signs of Pain, Where Do You Need Healing?
Ritual: Big Medicine - create a ritual that honors your healing needs.
Goddess Wisdom: Isis

Week Seven: Revelry

Meditation: Happiness
Video: Go for what makes you happy
Articles: Your Key to Happiness, Are You Proud of Yourself?
Ritual: A Night of Revelry
Goddess Wisdom: The Charities

Week Eight: Depth

Meditation: Diving Deep
Video: Live fully
Articles: Where do you need to connect? How do you live deeply?
Ritual: Sacred Bath
Goddess Wisdom: Yemaya

Week Nine: Service

Meditation: Deep Sleep
Video: Be of Service
Articles: How Do You Give, Service + Boundaries
Ritual: Sacred Purpose
Goddess Wisdom: Mary Magdalene

Week Ten: Rebirth

Meditation: Into the Cauldron of Rebirth
Video: Personal Alchemy
Articles: Embrace the Crone, Creative Cauldron
Ritual: Your Rebirth
Goddess Wisdom: Cerridwen

Week Eleven: Sanctuary

Meditation: Inner Temple
Video: My Sanctuary
Articles: Inner Sanctuary, Gift of Solitude
Ritual: Home Blessing
Goddess Wisdom: Hestia

Week Twelve: Forgiveness

Meditation: Compassionate Heart
Video: Forgiveness
Articles: Compassion for Yourself, Making Amends
Ritual: Forgiveness Magic
Goddess Wisdom: Kuan Yin

What is the Self Love Guide?

The Self Love Guide originally ran in 2016 as a year long program, but now it's repackaged into a 12-week course designed to explore different topics related to loving yourself. When you sign up, you'll get an email with all of the course materials right at your fingertips. Each week comes with a guidebook, a video, and a .mp3 meditation for you to download and listen to.

Each guidebook is filled with articles on how the theme relates to self love, printables, coloring pages, journaling prompts, assignments, Goddess wisdom, and a ritual designed to incorporate self love + your spirituality.

If you're unhappy with your life there's one essential ingredient that is missing: Love for yourself.

When you love yourself - completely and unconditionally - amazing changes start happening in your life. You no longer settle for relationships that don't reflect the love you have yourself. You realize that you don't deserve to waste away 8 hours a day at a job you hate. You discover that hating your body will get you absolutely nowhere in life and that there are tons of wonderful traits and qualities inside of yourself that you've been ignoring for the sake of beating yourself up.

Loving yourself is hard work.

It doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't happen over a weekend. It isn't accomplished by looking in the mirror and saying nice things to yourself.

Loving yourself is a process that you have to be committed to every single day. You have to chip away at those things that are stopping you from liking yourself. You have to make peace with the relationships and experiences that have made you feel bad about yourself. You have to fight to get past the conditioning that tells you that you will never ever be good enough.

It's hard work - but it's worth it.

I don't want to tell you to quit your job, leave your relationship, and move to a tropical beach. Life's not like that. It's not picture perfect. It's real and messy. It's screaming kids and dirty dishes and sacrifices and imperfections and there's nothing wrong with it! This guide will show you how to love yourself on a real level with the life you already have - with a bit of tinkering here and there.


437 pages with printables, worksheets, and articles! Also includes printable coloring pages, a weekly ritual, and self-love tips.


Over two hours of me talking about different self love topics and giving you weekly/monthly assignments.


134 minutes of original meditations by me. Sleep, relaxation, healing, tapping into inner wisdom and more!