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Get the Blessing Manifesting Self Love Bundle for $89. You get (Be)Loved, Stay in the Picture, Journey Through Journaling, Seasonal e-books + workbooks, The Self Love Guide, and the digital 2017 Self Love Workbook.

All-in-all you'll get 30 days of self-love musings/love notes, 7 days of selfie prompts designed to help you see yourself in a new light (literally), 3 weeks of journaling prompts, 4 ebooks to help you celebrate and honor the seasons, 12 weeks of self-love goodies including printables, meditations, worksheets, coloring pages AND video, and the lovely printable (or fill-out-able from your computer) 2017 Self Love Workbook.

You're going to be so busy exploring new aspects of yourself and falling head-over-heels with what you find there.

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Self Love Workbook

250 pages of self-love goodness. Tons of questions and activities to help you put your feelings for yourself at the forefront of your mind. Planning pages for each month, a monthly review, and relaxing mandalas to color in!

Self Love Guide

Twelve-weeks that will change your life. Each week covers a different topic and how it can improve your life. Weekly videos, meditations, printables, coloring pages, worksheets, articles, and rituals to get in touch with your spiritual side.

Stay in the Picture

Do you hate taking your picture? Then sign up for this selfie-taking e-course. It's time to stay in the picture. It's time to get comfortable with seeing your body and your face. It's time to develop a love and appreciation for who you are and what you look like!


Journey Through Journaling is all about asking the right questions to inspire you to write your story. THREE weeks + HUNDREDS of prompts. Tell your story, release those words that are hiding inside of you, and indulge in self-reflection!


Every morning for 30 days you'll get an e-mail with a link to a .mp3 giving you a message of self-love and how to put it into practice, a daily affirmation, and an oracle card reading. Make these morning love notes part of your routine. 

Seasonal Ebooks + Workbooks

Get in touch with the magic of each of the seasons with these little e-books + workbooks. Each book features crystals, aromatherapy, animal magic, and tips on how to make the most of each part of the year.

Intuitive Reading

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