Stay in the Picture

How do you feel about taking your picture?

selfieFive years ago finding a picture of me was nigh impossible. I hated the way I looked. I hated having a physical representation of how ugly I thought I was. I wouldn't let anyone take pictures with me because I was so self-conscious of how I looked.
I missed out on making memories, and allowing myself to be seen. 

Self Love changed all of that.

I take a lot of pictures of myself. Maybe I'm adoring my freckles or the curls in my hair, or the beauty of my smile because I'm gosh darned happy. I look through the gallery on my phone, so many pictures of me, and I remember those moments and I love them.

I can finally look at my past (and myself) and see something beautiful.
We all deserve to see the beauty within ourselves and our lives. I want you to take pictures with your kids and I want you to look happy in them. I want to see pictures on social media of you and that person you love being silly and making memories because you deserve to look back on those photos with a "Remember that time...?"
Don't erase yourself. Embrace the fact that you belong in the frame just as much as everyone else.
What You Get:
9603378Seven days of emails starting with a different selfie assignment + two bonus assignments. That's 21 assignments in all!

A selfie guide made by yours truly with links to resources that will help make your pictures artistic and fun! 

A new outlook on yourself and your body!

Stay In the Picture encourages you to take pictures of yourself. It's a seven day ecourse that asks you to take a picture (or pictures!) of yourself every day for a week. No shying away from it, you're making memories, not excuses! It's time to take some SELFIES!

By the end of this ecourse...

  • You will develop a new appreciation for your beauty and your body.
  • You'll be more comfortable taking your picture and having others take your picture.
  • Your love for yourself and your body will be deepened.
  • You'll have more self-confidence and it'll boost your self esteem.


elisa"I just finished Dominee's monthly challenge and I have to say it was amazingly awesome this challenge was a selfie challenge yes I got to take lots and lots of pic's of my gorgeous self it was fun, challenging and an awesome tool in learning acceptance of myself and unconditional love for myself." -Elisa
"What great fun it was participating in the challenge - taking the selfies helped me to accept myself flaws and all. I looked forward to waking up each morning to read the new email stating what the new challenge was. Thank you, tahnk you, thank you. Love ya work <3" - Natalie

"I participated in the selfie photo challenge. It's goal was to get those of us who, for various reasons, hate being photographed (like me :/) more comfortable in front of the camera and "back in the picture" with everyone else in our lives.  If you are reading this and considering trying this challenge (or any other) give it a try 🙂 I think you will be pleasantly surprised." -Rebecca