I Am Leo, Hear Me Roar

I Am Leo, Hear Me Roar
Good morning darlings. So it’s a brand new month and with a brand new month comes a brand new opportunity to be great. I’m all about giving myself second chances… 2,568 chances… whichever, ya know. ;) Every month I can start all over, I can set my intentions, I can make it great. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. No harm in trying, right?
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My birthday is coming up later this month and that means I am a Leo. A strong, roaring, ferocious, lion. Raaawwrrr. I’ve always been interested in astrology but I’ve never felt very much like a Leo. Pisces, now that’s a sign I can get behind, imaginative, dreamers, compassionate, and sensitive. Leos, however, are supposed to be fiery, dominate, brave, ambitious, and strong leaders.


Not me at all. But I’ll let you in on a secret, it kinda is. I suppress those things about me because I see them as less than admirable traits. I want to be that zen yogini who is sitting outside in nature dreaming about world peace. I have those traits, yes, but I am also extremely passionate, and bold, and very, very, stubborn. I can be brave when I want to be and when you make me angry I don’t think fiery even begins to cover it.

This month I am going to concentrate on being brave, putting myself out there, and going for exactly what I want. I deserve to be happy and I deserve to have the things that make me happy.

How can you use the vibrant, roaring, Leo energy to make this month bold for you?


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  1. Avatar August 6, 2011 / 7:05 am

    Hi Dominee,

    I just found my way to your blog site…the color and composition of it is wonderful. Ah so, you are a Leo with Pisces sensibilities. What day is your birthday? Well I am definitely well versed in all things Pisces( Sun, Mars and Mercury (mutable) having been born the 11th of March, directly in the middle of the month. I have my Ascendant and Uranus in Gemini and Venus in Aquarius. My moon is in Scorpio, so that gives me a similar fixed energy as demonstrated by Leos. I have studied astrology for many years, and have discerned that we each carry the energy of each sign. As the sun moves through each sign, each month emphasizes a particular energy. I like the Leo energy because it warms my watery nature. When Virgo comes, I'd better get to work.
    During the Leo time I endeavor to remember to play more, and find ways to create whatever I need to create.

    Yes, indeed, you do deserve to be happy, and have exactly what you want. Are you ready to create whatever it is that you are dreaming into manifestation?
    I really like your blog site. "Weebly says it is easy to use their site building templates, is this so? Now this is my Scorpio part questioning the veracity of their claim. By sign I have two Leo placements, Saturn and poor little Pluto, who has been relegated to being a none planet or a piece of cosmic dust.

    I now understand a bit more, your mentoring of the "Goddess Haven" course, this is very much your domain….leadership with the profound touches of creative flourish. Your altars are Leo and fabulous. We'll talk more about all of this…
    I also understand that anyone who comes into your life had better known himself….whew! This is in reference to the post on Monday about children,or not. As a Leo you have definite ideas….
    You really do Roar….


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