Spring Self-Care Challenge

spring self-care

It’s spring! (I know, I’m late to the party!) Now is the perfect time to make a resolution when it comes to your self-care practice. Each new day, month, and season gives you a brand new opportunity to change your life. It only takes that one decision to make a difference.

Today, I’m sharing with you some great activities that you can do this season. It’s all about taking time out of your day to find a little joy, a little ease, and a little relaxation.

Spring Self-Care Ideas

  1. Make just one goal that you want to accomplish by Summer. Bonus point if it helps you reach one of those huge, life-changing, big dream, goals. If you can just take one step – you’re that much closer. Every action matters.
  2. Create a playlist of upbeat music, perfect for springtime. I’m loving this song called Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd. Smooth, happy, smile-inducing. Tell me what songs you’re loving in the comments so I can give them a listen.
  3. Channel your inner Snow White. Put out food for birds, squirrels, hummingbirds, or butterflies. When we see one of these creatures it’s a reminder to stop, be still, be quiet, and enjoy the moment.
  4. Do something physical outside in the spring sunshine. I love taking my yoga practice outside. If you’re doing something practical like mowing or weeding, turn up the volume on that playlist you made and make it enjoyable.
  5. Air out your living space and let the sun in. I love pulling back the curtains, opening all of my windows on a nice sunny, breezy, morning, and letting the smell of fresh air into my home. If you have space – hang your sheets and blankets out in the sun for a few hours and when you go to bed, bask in the smell of the sunshine.
  6. Buy (or pick) flowers for yourself. When they start to die you can press them in the pages of a book. Once they’re all dried out you can frame them for a nice decoration.
  7. Make friends with your body.

    As Summer approaches and it’s time for bathing suits, we can become super critical of our bodies. Do the opposite. Instead of trying to force your body to fit some sort of mold, change the mold to fit your body. Come up with ways to be at peace with where you are and love your body as it is, even if you still have some weight to lose. You can love your body now and love your body 15lb from now.

  8. Find a spring-themed meditation. If you have Insight Timer, do a search for ‘spring’. Meditation Gateways has some great nature-y ones.
  9. Go out for dessert and eat it outside. Finally, you can have ice cream without it making you freeze! Sit out in the sun with a cone or a milkshake. If you’re eating ice cream and taking a walk at the same time, the science of Dominee says it completely cancels out the calories in the ice cream!
  10. Clean up your digital devices. Delete apps or photos that you no longer need. Delete the numbers of the people that make you unhappy. Change your wallpaper to something inspiring and let go of the things you no longer need.
  11. Make seed bombs. I’m all about wildflowers growing everywhere. If you have an empty pot or a flowerbed/outdoor space that’s not being used – try planting some flowers to attract bees and butterflies.
  12.  Try something new. Go to a new restaurant. Kiss a new person. Try a new way to deal with a problem you’re having. Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings.
  13. Simplify your schedule.

    If you’re very busy, see if you can shift your responsibilities so that they’re more evenly spread through your day and you have a bit of time for yourself. If you’re becoming overwhelmed by your schedule – see if there are things you can cut out of your day or delegate to other people.

  14. Read something light and fun. My go-to is Anne of Green Gables but I also dearly love books by SARK. Just the colors and her message of self-acceptance makes my heart feel lighter.
  15. Visit a Farmer’s Market. Treat yourself to delicious fruits and veggies straight from the farm to your table.
  16. Take a nap in the sunshine. Get in touch with your inner cat. Open the window, lay in a place where the sun is gently landing on you and close your eyes and doze.
  17. Make a fruit or veggie dish.
  18. Create a ritual of rebirth. Reaffirm yourself to your path or to your true self. Light a few candles, sit in a quiet space, think about the person you want to be and the person you are at your core, are they aligned with each other? Sometimes we stray from our path and we need to redirect ourselves back. Right now, are you being the person you want to be?
  19. Go on a nature walk and snap photos of the beauty of nature re-emerging.
  20. Connect with Spring Goddess energies like Flora.
  21. Change the vibe in your home. Choose a new springtime scent instead of the warmer cinnamon ones of winter. Decorate in brighter colors. Put flowers everywhere.
  22. Find a new outside hobby. I’m trying my hand at gardening this year. Or try doing your normal hobbies outside. Paint, journal, write, crochet, read, in the sunlight.
  23. Create an outdoor space for yourself.

    Create a little altar where you can leave offerings to nature spirits. Buy a new outdoor chair or patio set so you can enjoy being outside. Use a little plot of land to grow flowers or vegetables.

  24. Get new spring clothing. Buy a cute new top, sunglasses, a sun hat, or a new bra. There’s always a reason to buy a brand new bra!
  25. Get a new houseplant! Succulents and cacti are super easy to grow. I love golden porthos (nearly impossible to kill) although they have to be hanging up away from pets. Spider plants are easy to grow and pet safe.
  26. Do a bit of Spring Cleaning.
  27. Just sitting out in the sun doing nothing can lower your stress levels. Music can also do that! The next time you’re bored and mindlessly browsing Facebook, do it outside – it’s better for you!
  28. Go easier on yourself. Make this your new beginning for loving yourself in a more gentle and compassionate way. You’re doing the best you can, remember that.
spring self-care

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  1. Jen
    March 23, 2019 / 6:09 am

    Hi! How do I print this spring self care calendar?

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