Today’s the LAST DAY to get the Self-Love Bundle!

self-love bundle
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If you’ve been checking out my newsletter then you know that I’m going to be working on some new stuff! To make more space, and to better represent this new direction, most of the stuff in my shop is going to be retired on Tuesday. (The 2019 Self-Love Workbook launches on the 24th!)

You can get the Self-Love Bundle (which includes all of my digital products, including the ones staying in my shop) and you get 25% off the Bundle with the code newsletter. (Also, join my affiliate program! You’ll make 50% of every sale on a digital item that comes through your special link!)

So the next few days will be your last chance to purchase:

2018 Self-Love Workbook: The year isn’t over yet! You can still get some use out of November and December and it’s only $5!

The Seasons Bundle: Get in touch with the magic of each of the seasons with these little e-books + workbooks. Each book features crystals, aromatherapy, animal magic, and tips on how to make the most of each part of the year.

Journey Through Journaling: Journey Through Journaling is all about asking the right questions to inspire you to write your story. THREE weeks + HUNDREDS of prompts.

Self-Love Guide: The Self-Love Guide is twelve-weeks of life-changing information. It originally ran as a 12-month program but now it’s 12 weeks of awesome. Each week covers a different topic and how it can improve your life. Weekly videos, meditations, printables, coloring pages, worksheets, articles, information on that week’s goddess, and oils and crystals that compliment that week’s topic.

Stay in the Picture: Is a cute little selfie-taking e-course to help you stop being self-conscious and start enjoying having your picture taken!

Can you believe I’ve been doing this for over seven years now?

It seems like last week I was stuck in the I-don’t-know-who-the-hell-I-am and self-loathing stage of my life. What a long and strange trip it’s been. I’m happy to be letting go of the old and creating new.
I’m so excited to start fresh and bring you new and awesome things.

Have I also mentioned that I’m terrified? 
This is going to be my biggest launch yet and I always get a little scared to death. Just a little. Fingers and toes crossed that everything goes smoothly.

I wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you for being here and letting me do what I do. I have one of the best jobs in the world and that’s thanks to you, the people who show up and support me, not by buying my products, I mean that’s great, but it’s the other stuff too. You all rock. Seriously rock. I’ve had so many wonderful experiences and opportunities and I thank you from the bottom of my gigantic heart.

It gives me mushy tears when I think about it. So so many of you have been such a part of my personal growth, and so many of you have offered me genuine friendship, love, and advice (God knows I have everything FAR from figured out). As someone with social anxiety who struggles to connect (and spent years feeling so broken and freaking weird because of it) you blow me away. You all make me feel connected. And that feeling has taken me years to find, you guys. Years.

So thank you, thank you, thank you. Why does this sound like a goodbye letter??? I don’t even know, ha! I guess I just feel like I’m entering a new life phase. I’ll stop being in my feels.

I do have a question, though.

How can I help? What do you need? 
Moving forward I’d love to hear your ideas about what you want me to create. What tools are missing in your life to deal with self-care and self-love challenges? What worksheets, workbooks, blog posts, printables, would improve your life, help you grow, or help you cope?

You can leave a comment or email me at [email protected], I’m always looking for ideas and I want to give back.

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