Self-Love List: Homework #1

self-love list

If you’ve purchased my Self-Love Workbook then you know that one act of self-love/self-care that I absolutely love is making a list of five things that you love about yourself.

Not only is it a great way to see the things that you appreciate about yourself, it’s a great way to see how your thoughts about yourself are changing.

For example when you’re first discovering the concept of self-love, it might be really difficult to find physical things that you like about yourself, or maybe you’ll only focus on the physical because that’s what people like about you so that’s what you like about yourself.

Through your self-love journey you see that change.

It changes in many ways. Another aspect of self-care is focusing on your strengths and the things you love to do. Creating boundaries with people and with aspects of your life so that you have more energy for other things. Working on those things that you dislike about yourself because that’s part of tough self-love.

The list will keep changing.

I want you to make a list of five reasons why you love yourself. Write it down, put it on your phone, type it up somewhere online or on social media (encourage others to do the same).

Start with just five things. See if you can do more.

My (little) list of things love about me:

Each and every freckle on my face, especially the tiny one on my third eye chakra and the one on the side of my upper lip and the one above my eyebrow.

The way I sound when I am giggling so hard I can barely speak, also how I laugh so hard I snort.  

The curve of my belly when I stretch.  

The curly craziness of my hair that sometimes makes me feel like a lion.  

My capacity for compassion and forgiveness.  

The fierce loyalty I have to the people that I love.  

My sense of humor and how I can make people laugh.   

The way that I dance when I am happy.

The maturity and wisdom that I have for my age.  

That I do what I love and love what I do.  

What’s on your self-love list?

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