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Welcome, welcome, welcome! If you've been a reader for awhile, read this: You all have been asking me for years to make the workbook part of the Self-Love Planner seperate from the planner part. Some of you like different planners, some of you find me in the middle of the year so you wouldn't use the planner - so I've split them up! You're on the page for just the planner! If you're looking for the workbook - check it out here!

It's been eight years since I created the first planner. I am so proud that it's been used by thousands of people and hundreds of non-profits. It's good stuff!

This year there are three different versions. The Original. The Mental Health Version. And the Witch Version. The last two have everything the original has - just a slightly different design and several more pages of content.

You also get to choose whether you'd like the physical version or the digital version. So many options! Let me go over them with you!

Printed or Digital?

For the planner, I offer two options printed or digital. Both are great but choose what's right for you! The digital version is a .PDF file that you can print at home from your computer or fill-in digitally. It's cheaper (and it comes with a black and white version for cheap printing!) so if you're on a budget that's a great way to go. You can also choose just to print out the pages you need at the time and you can print them out as many times as you need!

The printed version is sold through a 3rd party a print-on-demand company called Lulu. When you place your order they print it just for you and then they handle all of the shipping, this means it can take 1-2 weeks to recieve your workbook. It's worth it though, they're gorgeous! There are two options a black and white interior OR a full color interior. The black and white interior is cheaper and has pages perfect for writing. The full color version is a bit expensive and the pages are glossy (so be sure to let your ink dry after writing in it!

Self-Care Planner

The original Self-Care planner is super cute and colorful! There are calendar pages for each month, tons of space to document your day AND plenty of self-care tips sprinkled throughout! 151 pages.

mental health planner

The Mental Health Version has an extra sprinkle of mental health awareness throughout it. There's a monthly mood tracker, mental health focus page, and a monthly gratitude page. 177 pages.

Get your witch on! The Witch Version has extra witch-inspired self-care tips, and inspiration to get your magic flowing. It's time to focus on your spirituality by making it part of your everyday. 179 pages.

self-care planner
self-care planner

How to use the planner.

self-care planner Use this planner in a way that works for you! You can use it just for self-care or you can write down all of your daily appointments. I love using it as a journal. I write down my thoughts, fill it with stickers, and doodles and feelings.

It's become its own self-care on days I sit in bed with washi tape, markers and a cup of tea. It allows me an outlet for my thoughts!

Let the process nourish you.

The workbook is also full of little self-care assignments. Every page has a little mission - feel free to do them as you see them or pick them at random. Remember self-care is about meeting your needs.

self-care planner
self-care planner

Review 2019 and Plan for 2020

At the beginning of each Planner there is a section where you can let go of the past. By writing about the things that you experienced in 2019 you can see where you have the most work to do going forward. There are questions like:

  • What’s the biggest, scariest, thing you’re holding onto from 2019?
  • What was the biggest mistake you made last year?
  • What people, things, situations, no longer fit into your life?
self-care planner

Get the Digital Versions of Everything

Get all the things!

If you want everything you see on this page - the 2020 planner (and all three versions), all of the add-ons AND the Self-Love Workbook then I have a special deal for you. You can have everything at the super low price of $50 which means you'll save $25 altogether. These are all digital files but you can print them out at home, take the files to have them printed, or fill them out digitally from your computer, it's totally up to you.

2020 is going to be awesome.

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