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The 2020 Self-Love Workbook and Self-Care Planner

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Combine #selflove and #sobriety. Let the Self-Love Workbook with the Sobriety Add-On, help you on your journey. http://www.Your Affiliate

Keep track of your moods, anxiety, depression AND cultivate a #selfcare routine with the 2020 Self-Care Planner #MentalHealth!

If you run your own blog, time management and taking care of yourself are essential. Check out the 2020 Biz Life Self-Love Workbook  add-on.


Breathe. the Anxiety Workbook

Do you suffer from anxiety? Learn coping skills and strategies using this awesome Anxiety Workbook! http://www.Your Affiliate

Feeling anxious? The Anxiety Workbook Breathe. focuses on #DBT to combat anxiety. http://www.Your Affiliate

If you're making your mental health a priority this year, this anxiety workbook will help. http://www.Your Affiliate

I’m loving Blessing Manifesting’s #Anxiety Workbook! http://www.Your Affiliate


Commercial Use Products

Take your life-coaching practice to the next level by adding these workbooks! http://www.Your Affiliate

Are you a therapist looking for self-love tools to help your clients? http://www.Your Affiliate

Check out these great tools for therapists and life-coaches that will help your clients focus on Self-Love! http://www.Your Affiliate


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