Where does your depression land on the scale?

depression scale

You're probably familiar with the Pain Scale. When you're experiencing pain, doctors ask you, on a scale of 1-10, how bad your pain is. I have anxiety (You can check out my Anxiety workbook here!) and I was looking for a similar scale. I didn't find one that perfectly fit what I needed so I decided to create one myself. You can find it here!

I decided to create one for depression too!

Depression takes many different forms for different people. Some people get deeply sad, others go numb, some people can still function, they just feel hopeless, and others can't get out of bed.

I created a depression scale that represents what I experience and I've also created a blank one for you to fill in with your own experiences!

Here's What's Inside!

  • 9 page PDF (with a black and white version for easy printing!)
  • My original depression scale
  • A blank scale for you to fill out with your own symptoms
  • The 'Feeling Better' Worksheet allows you to list what acts of self-care help you cope with that level of depression
  • A worksheet for each level 1-5, to describe physical symptoms, coping skills, and how each level affects your life and relationships
  • A list of suicide hotlines and textlines, should you need them! It's great to have someone to talk to.

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