Epic Gratitude Workbook: Get Grateful!

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I'm so excited to tell you about the Epic Gratitude Workbook!

Gratitude is so important. I used to dislike the practice of gratitude. It felt like so many people used it as a bandaid for trauma/depression. "Hey, your life is falling apart, but look on the bright side and be grateful. Be grateful because you could have it worse."

So I grumbled about it until I learned that we can be depressed and grateful. We can be going through a hard time and still be grateful for other aspects of our lives. We don't have to be grateful for the tough stuff, but we can be grateful for the stuff that's going right.

This ebook wants you to focus on what's going right!

(This was originally a Patreon Reward)

epic gratitude workbook

Inside the Epic Gratitude Workbook

  • This is a DIGITAL .pdf download!
  • 45 page .PDF
  • Unlike most of my PDFs there's only one, full-color, version (I messed up and deleted the original file before I could make a black&white version!)
  • I walk you through how to create a gratitude practice
  • There are 56 prompts focused on gratitude
  • There are multiple categories, Favorites, Daily Life, People, Places, Items, Memories, and Things About You
daily self-care pages
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July self-care

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