February Self-Care Calendar *Free* Download

February Self-Care Calendar

Hi there you awesome human being!

At the beginning of every month, I fill out my Self-Care Planner to check in with myself and see where I am. I get stuck on autopilot pretty often. I’m so focused on everythign on my to-do list that I don’t take any time to stop and see what I need.

I’ll also get stuck on something that I like that relieves stress (lately it’s Divinity Original Sin 2). While I’m meeting that stress-relief need, I’m not exactly paying attention to all of my other needs.

We humans have a lot of needs encompassing social needs, mental health needs, needs within our relationships, physical health needs, and needs involving our home and the world around us. Sometimes it’s a lot, so who wouldn’t want to disappear into a fantasy world for a little while, you know?

Really though, doing this monthly check-in is so important for me and for the work I do. It allows me to find a balance between what I give myself and what I give the world. Something that I need.

Speaking of self-care, last year I started my Patreon and one of the very first rewards was a February Self-Care Calendar with a self-care idea for each day. Since there are new rewards this year, I’m giving it to you. I changed the dates, cleaned it up a little, and I’m re-releasing it for free! Here’s to a February full of self-care.

Download the February Self-Care Calendar!

Download it here!

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