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You Are Unique (And that’s totally okay)

I’m weird and let me tell you, it caused a lot of issues for me when I was growing up. Combined with intense shyness and introversion, it was difficult for me to make friends. I spent my teens wishing that I could be “normal” but normal things didn’t interest me. My teens consisted of devouring book after book, writing Harry Potter fanfiction, and being lost in my imagination. Most kids don’t want to have discussions about those things. I felt too weird to have boys interested in me. Too weird to have real friends. That mindset that I was other…

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So, I Went On A Date Yesterday (It was awesome)

Yesterday, I had a very special date day with myself and it was just what I needed. It’s been awhile since I blogged. Things have been pretty difficult for me lately. I’ve been so stressed out trying to get “life” in order. I haven’t had the will to do very much except try to keep my head above water and not drown from the stress and anxiety of it all. I’ve been so focused on ‘fixing’ everything that was wrong that everything that was ‘right’ was neglected and before I knew it my life looked like a disaster zone. My…

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My Anxiety is Scared of Silence

This picture was taken this morning as I sat outside and watched the sun rise. The first sunrise of the month of June. Absolute gloriousness! I shall let you in on a secret, darling readers… it’s going to be a magical month! It’s going to be an amazing month! Would you like to know why? Of course, you do! It’s going to be magical and amazing because I say so. Yep yep! That reason might not fly with anyone above the age of two but lemme tell you, it’s going to work. This is going to be a great month.…

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That Time I Climbed a Tree For the First Time!

Hello all you lovely, wonderful, fantastic people! Right now I am outside, sitting in a park (actually, right now I’m sitting at home, but I’m typing what I wrote in the park). Last night was not a good night, not for lack of trying on my part, this being a positive person thing is hard. This morning I found myself walking home from work and I was not happy. I was the complete opposite of happy. I’d come up with this wonderful plan to get an iced coffee, take pretty pictures of nature-y things, stop at the park and write,…

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Eat, Pray, Love: My Review of Part 1

First off, Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert is an amazing book. If you haven’t read it I recommend it with my whole heart! Did I mention I’m only a hundred pages in? I have changed just by reading those 100 pages, if only just to know that someone else has felt how I’ve felt. For those of you that haven’t read the book (or seen the movie) it is divided into three sections about the three places Elizabeth visits Italy, India, and Indonesia. Each place holds a different meaning…

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Self-Forgiveness: Forgive Your Mistakes

“Forgiveness doesn’t mean allowing the painful behaviors or actions of another to continue in your life. Sometimes, forgiveness means letting go. You forgive them and release them. Taking a stand and setting healthy boundaries are often the most loving things you can do—not only for yourself, but for the other person as well.” – Louise L. Hay Forgiveness, oh how I loathe you sometimes. Forgiveness seems to be the theme of my life lately and what a huge theme it has turned out to be. Besides love, I’m hard-pressed to think of any other theme that so prominently weaves its…

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How do you Love?

I wanted to start off by talking about that oh-so-wonderful thing we call love. We hate feeling it, love feeling it, feel it on different levels, in different ways, for inanimate objects, pets, ideas, people. How do you love? What a diverse and strange feeling/emotion/word. It’s kinda awesome! When we’re children love comes so easily and naturally. We fall in love almost instantly with things, people, and places. We make best friends on the playground within five minutes just because someone is wearing our favorite color or likes ‘My Little Pony’. However, as we grow up we start to give…

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An Intro of Sorts

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the bloggerverse. I figured I would start off by telling you exactly what my intention is. After all, everything starts with intent. I want to help people. I want to help you, yes you, and everyone else, realize how wonderfully awesome and fantastical you are. We are all perfect, imperfect, people. Sometimes it just takes a bit of dusting off and polishing to fully realize how great you really are. Sometimes I get these huge flashes of brilliance about love, ideas, projects, people, and I’m just filled with such passion for it.…

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