random acts of kindness cards

As someone who has social anxiety, I am often in situations out in public where I freeze up and find it hard to speak. There are so many things I want to say but there's always that barrier between me and the rest of the world. There are situations where I want to say kind things to other people. I want to reach out when I see someone having a bad day - but there are days when my anxiety gets in the way and it's incredibly difficult for me. I created this deck of cards after a day of intense anxiety that a stranger made better for me simply with her kindness - I didn't get the chance to say thank you, in spite how much I wanted to and I remember thinking that I wish I could just pass her a note.

And then I thought: Why not?

That's how the Random Acts of Kindness Cards were born. I wanted a way to be kind to people but I also know that I'm just not the type to be able to walk up and engage with a stranger. (Thanks social anxiety.) It's hard to want to make a difference to other people (even a little one) when your brain makes it difficult to talk.

These cards include thank yous - for those wonderful angels we meet in our everyday life that just make things easier. It includes pick-me-ups for those strangers that just look they could use a hug. And it contains cards that let someone else know that the free coffee or meal you just gave them is a random act of kindness just because.

Let's be kind.


If you purchase the print-at-home cards you'll receive a .pdf with multiple ways to print! One version has lines to make it easy to cut out your cards and one version doesn't so you can cut them in different shapes.

Buy a Deck

If you want a deck of 20 cards shipped right to your home, I'm working with the website Gamecrafter! You can order it straight from their website and you'll receive your cards in about three weeks!

A Kindness Challenge

The great thing about these cards is that it inspires other people to join in. They get a card and then it's their job to give the card to someone else. You're creating a chain reaction of kindness!

random acts of kindness cards

The Printable Version

You can print out as many cards as you want for whatever reason you want. You can print them out on sticker sheets, regular paper, cardstock, the possibilities are endless! I've included both the backs and fronts of cards but you are welcome to make your own backs or create your own messages! You can add designs to the cards or your own personalized messages - it's all up to you!

*This is a .pdf that you print at home from your own computer. This allows you to print as many copies as you want.

This file includes:

  • Without lines - 5 sheets of card backs
  • With lines for easy cutting - 5 sheets of card backs
  • Fronts without lines - 5 sheets of cards
  • Fronts with lines - 5 sheets of cards
  • Blank cards with lines - 5 sheets
  • You get the original 18 cards (6 per sheet) as well as two pages with extra "You Have Received an Act of Kindness" cards.

The Deck of Cards

This is a deck of 20 3.5 x 3.5 in" cards and they're so cute. You can keep them in your purse or in your pocket and hand them out to strangers who need a pick-me-up or strangers that just made your day. The best part is that the back of the card includes a little note encouraging the receiver to pass the card on to someone else.

I use a print-on-demand service which means when you make your order they begin production and then after it is printed they ship it straight to you. For customer service contact [email protected]

This deck includes:

  • 18 unique cards with two "You Have Received an Act of Kindness" duplicates
  • All cards are die-cut, have rounded corners, and are printed in full color on both sides
  • All cards are printed on 305gsm black-core card stock
  • They come wrapped in plastic wrap
  • You can make personalized notes on them with marker

random acts of kindness cards

random acts of kindness cards

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