Self-Care Jar: Activity

self-care jar

Here’s a cute little self-care idea and it’s good for kids too!

  1. Get an empty jar.
  2. Write down your favorite self-care ideas on strips of paper. You can use different-colored paper for different types of self-care. Orange for physical self-care, blue for your favorite hobbies, pink for activities that are less than 10-minutes, etc.
  3. Fill the jar with all of your awesome ideas.
  4. Whenever you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or drained – pull out a strip of paper and then do that activity.

You can also decorate the jar in creative ways, or you can have multiple jars, like for when you’re depressed or anxious! Cover it in glitter, paint it, or decorate it with trinkets.

What to put in your self-care jar!

You can also fill the jar with ideas for family bonding. Fill it with movies you haven’t seen, activities you’d like to do together, or meals you’d like to make.

There are tons of ways you can use the same idea with kids. Fill it with activities they enjoy and when you see them getting frustrated, see if letting them pick an activity, changes their mood.

Need help coming up with self-care ideas? Check out this post for 60 self-care ideas.

Here are some quick ones!

  • Take a walk around the block
  • Watch one episode of your favorite show
  • Get take-out from your favorite place
  • Take a hot shower and give yourself a scalp massage
  • Tidy up your room
  • Do a quick meditation
  • Do something kind for someone else
  • Cuddle with your pet
  • Watch a video you know will make you laugh
  • Read a book
  • Take a social media break
  • Give yourself a spa day
  • Do something you loved as a kid
  • Call your favorite person
  • Make a cup of tea

What ideas would you put in your self-care jar?


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