About the SoulSisterhood

The SoulSisterhood is my self-love group of over 6,000+ that is primarily focused on self-love, self-care, and our personal growth journeys.

I started this group to create a nourishing community for (primarily) women (we're LGBTQIA+ friendly, and if you're a guy who feels like they can benefit too, jump right in!) who want to cultivate the tools to love themselves with daily prompts and reminders.

We've created a safe space and a compassionate space. There have been conversations about eating disorders, abusive relationships, family issues, motherhood, illness, and depression. We've talked about it all and even when we don't know what to say or we don't have any answers there's still someone to be there, to help us feel less alone.

That's such an amazing thing to have.

The Facebook Group is closed and your privacy is respected 100%. Non-members can see that you are in the group but your posts can only be seen by other members.

We have a strict no-tolerance policy when it comes to behavior in the group. There's no name-calling or aggressive behavior. We take maturity and personal responsibility seriously and it is so important that we have a loving and respectful atmosphere! If you see something that triggers a negative reaction in you - keep scrolling. This is not the forum for heated debate.

I have been so amazed (and thankful for!) the absence of drama. When I say that these people are amazing, I mean it.

self-love group
self-love group

What We Do In Our Self-Love Group

We have daily threads to inspire you to focus on self-love, your life, and your goals.

Self-Care/Self-Love Sunday: I ask you a question focused on how you feel about yourself or how you're treating yourself.

Motivation Monday: I ask you to make a goal each week or tell us what you're working on.

Promo Tuesday: If you have a business, blog, website, or something else this is where you can promote yourself and find new peoples.

Wednesday Wins: What's going right for you and where are you succeeding?

Thankful Thursday: Our weekly thread of gratitude.

Fun Friday: This day is just full of silliness and getting to know one another.

Accountability Saturday: We review the goals we made on Monday

Monthly Planning/Review: Every month we make goals and at the end of the month we go over them and check in with how we've been treating ourselves.

Other Things You'll Find in Our Self-Love Group:

The Healing Circle - ask for prayers or positive thoughts
Monthly Self-Love Planner parties to inspire you and encourage you to focus on self-love.
Friendship and connections made with like-minded women.
Daily conversation and inspiration.
The perfect place to ask for what you need.
Random free oracle card readings.
Places to post all about your self-care practice and your daily gratitude.

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