Self-Love & Self-Care

I am so passionate about self-love and self-care, mainly because throughout my life I felt such a deficit of it. I was always waiting for someone or something to fill me up inside and make me feel better. And when someone came along I clung to them for dear life, still waiting to feel better and whole. It took a really long time for me to realize that didn't work.

There were two main things that changed my life -

Taking care of my mental health (severe depression and anxiety) and creating a life around myself that I loved (self-care).

I was single, just out of a bad relationship, so depressed I was suicidal, and I just couldn't do it another day. Somehow I found the energy to care, really care, about where I was going in life and that place was in bed, under the covers, to cry if I didn't do something.

So I tried everything, literally almost everything I could think of to feel better. Meditation, yoga, tapping, acupressure, crystals, exercise, hobbies, long walks, spiritual connection, spending time by myself, self-help books - and it wasn't so much any of those things that changed my life - but the journey through them. Caring enough to try. Finding things I enjoyed.

Giving a shit about myself.

It wasn't instant. I faltered. But I got there.

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Self-Love + Self-Care Products

These are all of my self-care/self-love products. If you're just starting out on your self-love journey, I recommend you start with the 2019 Self-Love Workbook + Planner. It starts from the ground up on how to cultivate a self-care practice, what self-love is, and how to add it into your life.

The Self-Love Workbook + Planner is by far, my most popular product. In production since 2013, it comes in several designs and with several different areas of focus. The workbook section encourages you to let go of the past, analyze your self-care and make goals for the future.

The Self-Care Calendar is brand new and gorgeous! Each month comes with a pretty picture (what calendar doesn't?!), a journaling prompt, and then a self-care activity to remind you how amazing you are.

The Daily Self-Care Worksheets are perfect if you want self-care to be the focus of your daily life then these worksheets are just for you. There's one for each day with a unique self-care tip!

Have some extra sticker paper lying around? These Self-Care Stickers are a great addition to your planner if you want to put the focus on daily self-care. These are print-at-home, which means you purchase the digital file and then print them from your home computer using sticker paper.

Self-Love + Self-Care Blog Posts

How To Start Loving Yourself

How To Start Loving YourselfThis morning, a lovely lady named Anne commented on the Blessing Manifesting Facebook page.
“How do I start to learn to love myse.”

I then realized that out of the over 300 blog posts here at Blessing Manifesting I don’t think any of them accurately cover what that question asks. After a little bit of thought, I came up with what I believe is the best way to start the journey and to begin loving yourself. Read More...

Tough Self-Love

Tough Self-Love and Practicing Difficult Self-CareIf you’ve been hanging out here awhile then you know that my motto for self-care is “Ask yourself what you need.” And then do that thing. If you check out my Self-Care for Mental Wellness then you’ll see that my brand of self-care isn’t about manicures and vacations – but actionable steps that can improve your life.We’ve got to show a little tough love to ourselves on occasion. Sometimes we need to do something but we don’t want to do it. So we push it to the back-burner. There’s a lot of self-care that’s hard, that’s painful, and that stirs up a lot of unpleasant emotions and feelings. We need to do those things anyway. Read More...

Self-Care for Loneliness

Self-Care for LonelinessI’m 32 and I’ve lived alone for 12 years now. I get loneliness. I understand it way down in my bones. Part of my (social) anxiety (and depression!) is my tendency to isolate myself. Before I discovered self-love this was a crippling combination because I didn’t understand it. Instead of realizing that I was often alone because of that tendency to isolate myself – I blamed it on my un-lovableness and my brokenness. Which deepened my sense of loneliness because it didn’t feel like something that could be fixed. Read More...

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