self-love workbook

Hi, there! I'm Dominee! So, you're interested in the Self-Love Workbook, eh?  This is just the workbook so you can start it at any time of the year. If you're looking for my Self-Care Planner, you can find it here.

The Self-Love Workbook began when I started my self-love journey. I wanted to focus on loving myself but I wasn't finding the right tools. I'm a writer so writing my thoughts down has always been my go-to. Seven years ago when I created the first workbook, tools for self-development were hard to find so I created what I needed for myself. I hope to help other people learn what self-love is and how to practice it in their daily lives.

self-love workbook
  • 103 pages of self-care and self-love information
  • Tons of self-care tips split into different categories
  • Assessments for each type of self-care to help evaluate your needs
  • Self-Love exercises to get you into actively loving on yourself
self-love workbook
  • The difference between self-love and self-care
  • Physical, emotional, social, practical, personal and spiritual self-care ideas
  • A worksheet to help you revamp your daily routine
  • The self-care pyramid to help you organize your daily needs
self-love workbook
  • Learn who you really are and what you like and how to be your true self
  • Common self-love barriers and how they may be affecting you
  • Examining your character flaws and loving yourself anyway
  • Daily self-care journaling prompts

Are you interested in the printed or digital version?

For this workbook, I offer two options printed or digital. Both are great but choose what's right for you! The digital version is a .PDF file that you can print at home from your computer or fill-in digitally. It's cheaper (and it comes with a black and white version for cheap printing!) so if you're on a budget that's a great way to go. You can also choose just to print out the pages you need at the time and you can print them out as many times as you need!

The printed version is sold through a 3rd party a print-on-demand company called Lulu. When you place your order they print it just for you and then they handle all of the shipping, this means it can take 1-2 weeks to recieve your workbook. It's worth it though, they're gorgeous! There are two options a black and white interior OR a full color interior. The black and white interior is cheaper and has pages perfect for writing. The full color version is a bit expensive and the pages are semi-gloss (so be sure to let your ink dry after writing in it!


The Digital Version

The digital version is a .PDF file. You can download it straight to your computer and then print it out. You can also take it to your local Staples or other printing service and have them print it!

Your download comes with three different PDFs -full color, a version with no full-color backgrounds, and a black and white version (to save on printing costs). You get access to all three and you can use whichever one works for you!

Each .PDF also has fill-in enabled by Adobe. With Adobe on your desktop computer you can type into the .PDF and save your progress.

  • 103 Pages
  • Print-at-home
  • Three different versions

The Printed Version

self-love workbook

The printed version is sold through a 3rd party website called Lulu, a print-on-demand company. When you place your order they print it just for you and then they handle all of the shipping. This means that the workbook can take 1-2 weeks to ship but it's worth it! They also have international shipping! Make sure you create an account with them so you can track your order!

  • 103 pages in a spiralbound book
  • Size is 8.5 x 11.0 in
  • Cover is full color
  • Interior has two options: black and white OR full color
    Keep in mind the full color pages are semi-glossy and ink can smear without drying

Self-Love Add-Ons

These add-ons are little (digital .pdf) expansions of roughly 50 extra pages each. Self-care is different for everyone and these pages let you pick and choose what worksheets and information you might need in your life. They're designed to add to the information that's already in the Self-Love Workbook. You can read more about them here: Clicky-clicky!

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