Do You Like Yourself? Learn to be Your Own Best Friend

It’s a quiet morning and I’m enjoying the peace and shuffling through my cards. I want to pull one for you and share the wisdom I find there. This week’s Wisdom Card has this message for you. “I love and accept myself right now.” and “I am in the process of becoming my own best friend — the person I am most joyous to be with.” I’m living this and breathing this right now. I sincerely like who I am. If I ran into myself out in the world I would think I’m super cool and pretty interesting. I have…

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Self-Care for Bathtime: Make Yours Magical

Mornin’ darlinghearts! It’s Self-Care Sunday and I’m sharing what I love to do to relax and pamper myself. I freaking love taking baths. It’s not just the relaxing warm water – it’s one of the biggest helpers with my anxiety. Yeah, yeah, showers are fast, convenient, and can do wonders when you’re trying to wake up. But baths… hot water, candlelight, essential oils, soothing music… Can you say h-e-a-v-e-n? Oooo and bubbles!!! This is my number one way to unwind, de-stress, relax, and soothe my soul. A bath makes a bad day better. There are so many ways to make your blissful…

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So, I Went On A Date Yesterday (It was awesome)

Yesterday, I had a very special date day with myself and it was just what I needed. It’s been awhile since I blogged. Things have been pretty difficult for me lately. I’ve been so stressed out trying to get “life” in order. I haven’t had the will to do very much except try to keep my head above water and not drown from the stress and anxiety of it all. I’ve been so focused on ‘fixing’ everything that was wrong that everything that was ‘right’ was neglected and before I knew it my life looked like a disaster zone. My…

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