Welcome to my shop! I've been creating products here at Blessing Manifesting for over seven years now. It all started with a little Self-Love Workbook that included a calendar and monthly prompts that focused on self-care and now it's being used all over the world. I am so passionate about helping people (nonprofits, check the form at the bottom of the page!).

I've had a difficult life being stuck in the prison that was my brain as I battled anxiety, depression, and destructive thoughts about myself and my body. That all changed the moment I decided I mattered. It didn't change instantly. It took years and so much work, but the changed happened because I relentlessly looked for tools to change my mindset, give me coping skills, and challenge my thinking.

If your focus is self-love, I recommend the Self-Love Workbook/Planner or the Self-Love Guide.

If your focus is on mental-health I suggest my anxiety workbook or the mental-health add-on to the Self-Love Workbook.

There is so much goodness here, for self-reflection, personal-growth, self-love and self-care, and mental health. I hope it helps to change something within you.

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Get the Blessing Manifesting Self-Love Bundle!  You get ALL of my digital products! The 2018 Self-Love Workbook (and all of the add-ons), "Breathe." my anxiety workbook, (Be)Loved, Stay in the Picture, Journey Through Journaling, Seasonal e-books + workbooks, The Self Love Guide, and Blog + Biz Magic! All-in-all you'll get:

  • 30 days of self-love musings/love notes
  • 7 days of selfie prompts designed to help you see yourself in a new light
  • 3 weeks of journaling prompts
  • 4 ebooks to help you celebrate and honor the seasons
  • 12 weeks of self-love goodies including printables, meditations, worksheets, coloring pages AND video
  • The 2018 workbook/planner for a year of self-care deliciousness (Plus the awesome add-ons)
  • 142 pages of anxiety tips and worksheets plus a daily journal!
  • AND the NEW Random Acts of Kindness Cards

You're going to be so busy exploring new aspects of yourself and falling head-over-heels with what you find there.

Final savings = $68!


Random Acts of Kindness Cards

random acts of kindness cardsMy Random Acts of Kindness Cards include thank yous - for those wonderful angels we meet in our everyday life that just make things easier. It includes pick-me-ups for those strangers that just look they could use a hug. And it contains cards that let someone else know that the free coffee or meal you just gave them is a random act of kindness just because. Get your deck today!



Breathe. An Anxiety Workbook

Breathe. is an anxiety workbook that incorporates DBT, CBT, and my own experiences into actionable worksheets that will help you learn to manage your anxiety. There's also a companion journal for daily writing! I've dealt with anxiety since I was a teenager and I've learned so much over the last decade. If anxiety is interrupting your life, try out this workbook and see if it helps. Your brain doesn't have to be the enemy. Learn more about it.


The 2018 Self-Love Workbook

self love shop The Self-Love Workbook is by far, my most popular product. In production since 2013, it comes in several designs and with several different areas of focus. Motherhood, blogging, mental health, sobriety, and witchiness - just to name a few! It's full of lots of prompts and activities to help you put your feelings for yourself at the forefront of your mind. Planning pages for each month, a monthly review, and cute coloring pages! Get yours today


The Self-Love Guide

The Self-Love Guide is twelve-weeks of life-changing information. It originally ran as a 12-month program but now it's 12 weeks of awesome. Each week covers a different topic and how it can improve your life. Weekly videos, meditations, printables, coloring pages, worksheets, articles, and rituals to get in touch with your spiritual side. I also share a weekly oracle card reading, information on that week's goddess, and oils and crystals that compliment that week's topic. Check it out.



(Be)Loved is a morning practice. Every morning for 30 days you'll get an e-mail with a link to a .mp3 giving you a message of self-love and how to put it into practice, a daily affirmation, and an oracle card reading. Make these morning love notes part of your routine. Every morning I pull a card, read to you the message, and give you a positive self-love anecdote to start your day. Take a look!



Journey Through Journaling

Journey Through Journaling is all about asking the right questions to inspire you to write your story. THREE weeks + HUNDREDS of prompts. Tell your story, release those words that are hiding inside of you, and indulge in self-reflection! There are prompts that ask you to take real and honest looks at the places where you hold shame inside of yourself, your childhood, the way you feel about your body and so much more. If you're on a journey to self-discovery, this is a great tool. It's also great for bloggers with writer's block! Ready to Write?


Stay in the Picture

Do you hate taking your picture? Then sign up for this selfie-taking e-course, Stay in the Picture. It's time to get comfortable with seeing your body and your face. It's time to develop a love and appreciation for who you are and what you look like! If you're always the one excusing yourself from pictures and missing out on being part of those memories with your loved ones, this might give you the confidence you need. Say cheese!


Blog + Biz Magic

Over 200 pages of everything I could possibly imagine to write about when it comes to how to be a successful blogger while loving what you do! This is mainly for bloggers who are taking a heart-centered approach of helping other people. If you want to know what's tax deductible, which hosting to go with, and how to make money from being an Amazon affiliate, I'm your girl. Ready? Set? Blog!



Seasonal Ebooks

Get in touch with the magic of each of the seasons with these little e-books + workbooks. Each book features crystals, aromatherapy, animal magic, and tips on how to make the most of each part of the year. These cute little books also come with worksheets that you can print out to enhance your self-care! Add a little magic to each season. Get it now!

This is a MUST. Any organization that qualifies as a non-profit, not-for-profit, or who helps people for free. Schools, churches, shelters, charities, support groups, substance abuse programs, domestic violence programs, are all eligible.