Hello there you wonderful human being. I'm Dominee and I like to create workbooks and printables that are alllll about self-love and self-care. In 2011, I had just discovered self-love and while I absolutely adored the concept of adding acts of self-care into my daily life - I was also suffering from severe anxiety and depression. It wasn't easy for me to just do the thing. I needed some way to hold myself accountable and because I'm a writer at heart, well making worksheets seemed like a good idea and here we are. I hope my worksheets help keep you accountable and motivated on your self-love journey.

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The Ultimate Self-Love Bundle includes literally everything in my shop that's on this page. Alllll of it! From self-love, to business, to gratitude, to mental health - so much stuff! Over 50 files, including some things that are only available in the bundle, like my little seasonal ebooks. If you're in love with my products and want worksheets for essentially anything and everything self-care/mental health/life- related, I got you! The cost of buying all of my products is $306 but you're only going to pay $199. That's a total savings of $107! So YAY!

Patreon Rewards

Patreon is a way to support artists and creators for a monthly fee in exchange for certain rewards. Your rewards include affirmations, self-care tips, calendar pages, worksheets, wallpapers, and more!

New Products

Self-Love Printables

The 2021 Self-Care Planner is full of self-care tips, insightful journaling prompts, and so much encouragement to love yourself.

Get a little witchy with this version of the Witchy 2021 Self-Care Planner. Magical tips along with self-care ones!

The Mid-Year Self-Care Review will allow you to reflect, honor, and celebrate, everything that has happened so far in this bananas year of 2020.

Want to learn about self-love and self-care? The Self-Love Workbook is perfect for you! You can also purchase a physical, spiral-bound, version!

The Daily Self-Care Worksheets have a self-care page for each day of the month and a unique daily self-care tip. Perfect for every day accountability.

Choose Your Own Self-Care Adventure uses the platform Trello (on desktop and mobile) to help you build self-care into your day. There are over 432 activities to choose from!

The Stay Safe Stay Home Mini Self-Care Guide was originally a Patreon Reward and now it's available to you!

Want to relax with a nice cup of tea and some self-care themed games? Check out the self-care game pack for 6 printable games!

Have some extra sticker paper lying around? These (printable) Self-Care Stickers are a great addition to your planner if you want to put the focus on daily self-care.

The Holiday Self-Care add-on is full of self-care tips AND worksheets to help you have a happy and organized holiday season.

Want to hang my art all over your walls? Check out my printable self-care art! Cover your walls with loving and inspiring words!

Mental Health Printables

This workbook is all about how to set boundaries, what violated boundaries look like, and how you can assert yourself and start enforcing your boundaries.

The Mental Health add-on is part of the 2019 Self-Love Workbook. It has worksheets to help you pinpoint your mental health struggles.

Breathe. is an anxiety workbook that incorporates DBT, CBT, and my own experiences into actionable worksheets that will help you learn to manage your anxiety.

Anxiety and depression part of daily life? These Mental Health Stickers will help you keep track of your moods and give you a boost when you're feeling low.

The journey through grief is a difficult one. I've tried to combine all of my knowledge, advice, and experiences into one a workbook.

My Random Acts of Kindness Cards came about due to my social anxiety and my wanting to give strangers cute little compliments.

The Sobriety add-on encourages you to put your sobriety first. There's a relapse prevention plan, reviewing your addiction, and more!

If you're looking for a cute and colorful way to keep track of habits that are important to you, you're in luck!

Personal Growth Printables

Magical Housekeeping and Decluttering is about creating a space that's clean, organized, and a little bit magical.

Epic Gratitude encourages you to create a gratitude practice with 56 journaling prompts.

The Daily Intentions Workbook walks you through creating intentions for your daily life.

Journey Through Journaling is all about uncovering the layers of who you are and writing your story with 100s of journaling prompts.

The Wildness Inner Journey is all about re-discovering the self that is underneath all of the things that we are told to be. Find your wild self.

The Parenting add-on encourages you to be kind to yourself and take care of yourself as you embark on the hardest job in the world, raising kids.

The Relationship add-on encourages you to have a healthy relationship by creating a healthier you.

The Witch add-on is all about spirituality and paying attention to your spiritual path.

Self-Care for Breakups helps you navigate the breakup of toxic, co-dependent, and abusive relationships. Heal your heartbreak.

My Self-Care Moon Guides are all about incorporating a witchy/magical spirituality into your self-care based on the phases of the moon.

The Body Love Gym is a 60 day program designed to help you love your body while getting healthy!

The fitness add-on encourages you to love and celebrate your body as you work on your exercise and food goals.

Biz + Blogging Printables

Over 300 pages of everything I could possibly imagine to write about when it comes to how to be a successful blogger while loving what you do! This is mainly for bloggers who are taking a heart-centered approach to helping other people. Last Updated 8/20

The Blogging + Biz add-on has everything that I, as a blogger, would want to find to keep me organized. Review how your business went in 2019 and then make plans for 2020! Make goals and use the blog and product planning pages to create a great 2020!

Self-Love Printables for Non-Profits

Some of my self-love printables and worksheets are free to non-profit/not-for-profit organizations or groups. If that's you - fill out this form and I'll get back to you!
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