7 Self-Care Tips for Overactive Caregivers

Among the 12 Jungian archetypes, the Caregiver is recognized to be the most altruistic. Helping others in a snap, they won’t hesitate to give it their best in order to nourish those around them. As such, they are often perceived to be the kindest among the archetypes. They practically embody this whole notion of being a neighbor towards others.  But while all seems to be perfect, the Caregiver is still, after all, human. Limited and imperfect, Caregivers have their own fair share of challenges and problems to deal with. And if they’re not aware of it, they will slowly lose their essence in a way that’s undeserving, especially in this selfless archetype. With that, we’ll be pointing out what these common problems are and 7 self-care tips that they can inculcate in order to better manage all the emotional baggage they’re carrying for others!  Common Caregiver Problems: Becoming problem-absorbers –…

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Self-Reliance in Relationships

I know a lot about a lot of things, that’s the great thing about having a nearly obsessive love of reading. I know a lot about mental health and self-care due to a whole lot of reading and also firsthand experience. So let’s talk about relationships self-reliance. And how I know what not to do. I have that completely down. I know what things make for a toxic, terrible, situation, but do I know a lot about how to have a happy relationship? A bit, I’m kinda new to it. My wife and I had a whirlwind romance. Three months after meeting we got married because I just knew that I wanted her to be my partner forever. She makes me laugh like no other. There’s not a day that goes by that’s not filled with belly-laughter to the point there’s almost tears running down my face and she is…

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The Secret to Fixing Other People

The secret to fixing other people is that you can’t. You probably already knew that. It doesn’t stop you from wanting to fix people. To see what they’re doing wrong, to swoop in and save them from themselves. Raise your hand if you’ve wished with your whole heart that you could take away someone else’s pain. It’s so hard to watch them struggle, especially if you’re empathic like I am. Their pain affects you almost as if it were your own and you hurt for them. A long time ago I had a friend that struggled with drug use. She had been clean for a few years when she relapsed. I remember when she told me and those feelings that flooded me. My heart opened to her, to her pain and her disappoint and I wanted to jump into fixer mode. I wanted to say: “Do this and this and…

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