Coping Skills: Challenge Your Thoughts

I’m running a 30-day mental health challenge on Instagram in honor of Mental Health Month and it’s provided a lot of reflection for me in just these last few days. My mental health journey was such a deep and sacred experience for me – spanning years. I learned so much about myself and how brains work and how to encourage mine to work better. One of the more life-changing aspects was learning that I was allowed to challenge my own thoughts. (Read this post from 2011: Change Your Thoughts – I’m Learning How) I’m allowed to question them. I’m allowed to question their veracity. I can ask myself if I should act on them instead of impulsively acting on how they make me feel. It’s such an important coping skill. When I was hardcore struggling with my mental health my feelings controlled how I acted 100% of the time. There…

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12 Tips for Cleaning With Depression

Let’s talk about one of the more shameful and embarrassing effects of depression. The inability to clean. Cleaning with depression is hard! I’ve been pretty open with the effect that anxiety and depression have had on my life, especially when I was in my 20s. I coudn’t clean. I just couldn’t. The only thing that got me to clean my apartment was a notice on my apartment door that Maintenance would be spraying the complex for bugs or inspecting something. I was sure that if they saw my mess I’d get evicted and that type of Anxiety overrides Regular Anxiety and Regular Depression. My first apartment looked like something out of hoarders. There were bags of trash everywhere, crusty stains on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink that had been in there for no joke – 6 months. Going to the dumpster behind my complex was so difficult for…

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Anxiety Coping Skill: Hope

Anxiety is usually defined as fear, unease, and worry over things that haven’t happened yet. That’s how I usually experience it in my own life. I will get anxious over things that have already happened, generally whether or not I’ve made the right decision about something or said the wrong thing, but what really causes the anxiety is not knowing what effect those things are going to have on the future. Not knowing the outcome of every decision you make can be kind of daunting when you think about it! Anxiety = fear. I have learned and practiced a lot of different ways to make friends with my own anxiety. I have practiced nearly every anxiety coping skill I’ve come across. (You can find a lot of them in my Anxiety Workbook – Breathe.) Some of them have worked and some of them not so much, but when anxiety comes…

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