So, I Went On A Date Yesterday (It was awesome)

Yesterday, I had a very special date day with myself and it was just what I needed. It’s been awhile since I blogged. Things have been pretty difficult for me lately. I’ve been so stressed out trying to get “life” in order. I haven’t had the will to do very much except try to keep my head above water and not drown from the stress and anxiety of it all. I’ve been so focused on ‘fixing’ everything that was wrong that everything that was ‘right’ was neglected and before I knew it my life looked like a disaster zone. My friendships aren’t where I’d like them to be, my apartment is a mess, I’ve been a bundle of panic and stomach aches, I’ve had nightmares, and all-in-all I’ve just been pretty miserable. I want to fix all of the ‘outside’ stuff so badly. I want to fix my friendships that…

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