Self-Care Battery: Recharge Yours!

In the Self-Love Workbook, I talk a lot about self-care and recharging. But how do you know what and how to recharge? Let’s have a little chat about your self-care battery. Have you ever heard of the “Spoon Theory“? It’s a way to describe how people with chronic illness have a limited amount of energy. Every day they are allotted a certain number of “spoons”. Every activity costs a certain number of spoons. Getting out of bed may be two spoons, cooking breakfast is one, showering is two, doing chores is three, while going to work is four, and going out to lunch with friends is also four. For anyone who isn’t familiar with CFS (also called M.E.), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, or other diseases that causes extreme exhaustion and fatigue – that might not seem bad. Now imagine that you only get six spoons a day? You can get out of…

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Free November Self-Love Planner & Check-In

As you know, I’ve spent this past week launching and promoting the new 2019 Self-Love Workbook (yay!). I’m just so in love with the new format and the opportunity to dig a little deeper into my own self-care practice that I want to do it NOW. I love the habit tracker and with it being the first of the month, I am so ready to go! You know me, super excited at the start of every single month. So I present to you totally free, no strings attached, 2018 November pages! Why wait until January to get started? Download it here! Okay, so let’s talk self-care. We’re about to enter into the most stressful time of the year. So much stress, so many toxic family connections coming up. With the holidays approaching you’re going to have to see that person. And let’s not forget cooking meals, holiday shopping, and of course, missing…

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How To Manage Depression Naturally

I’ve been really open about my issues with depression and anxiety and how it’s so important to have conversations about it, especially with your teen. Mental health awareness is important to me. The more we talk about it, the more we can reduce the stigma surrounding it. Mental health isn’t something shameful that we should feel the need to hide from others. Being open about our struggles can have such a positive impact on our lives and the lives of the people around us who see that they aren’t alone. Before I get into how I treat my own depression naturally, I want to talk a little bit about traditional medication. Take it if you need it. You aren’t a failure if your type of depression doesn’t respond to natural treatment. Not at all, not even a little bit. Different things work for different people and that is perfectly okay.…

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