Self-Care for Sensory Overload

Growing up with a younger brother on the autism spectrum, I was no stranger to sensory overload. He still (even to this day) can’t wear certain fabrics like denim, can’t eat certain foods, and is sensitive to sounds and colors. I remember how, when he was younger, we’d wrap him in a blanket (much like swaddling) and we’d make a game of it, pretending that he was a hotdog and we’d name all of the things we were gonna put on him. Being wrapped up like that instantly calmed him down. We learned what a sensory overload meltdown looked like and how to help him feel better. In my teens, I developed anxiety and I was constantly overwhelmed by so many things. Especially in public places with lots of sounds. As an adult, my anxiety was worse. There were days when I was so anxious I felt like I was…

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Life With Anxiety – Locking the Door

As you know, anxiety is something that I’ve lived with since I was 11. That would be 22 years, for those keeping track. My anxiety presented pretty early. It revolved around school. I had chronic stomach aches every single morning. It made me anxious to speak up in class. (You can read more about it in my Anxiety workbook). I was always worried about everything, my grades, failure, making friends or rather, not making friends. Anxiety and I are old friends. For the most part, we don’t talk very much anymore and we rarely ever see each other, but lately, Anxiety has been making appearances in my life more so than usual. At the beginning of this month, I went through some things that really amped up my anxiety and ever since then, it’s been a struggle to let it get it out of control. So I decided to get…

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