How do you Love?

I wanted to start off by talking about that oh-so-wonderful thing we call love. We hate feeling it, love feeling it, feel it on different levels, in different ways, for inanimate objects, pets, ideas, people. How do you love? What a diverse and strange feeling/emotion/word. It’s kinda awesome! When we’re children love comes so easily and naturally. We fall in love almost instantly with things, people, and places. We make best friends on the playground within five minutes just because someone is wearing our favorite color or likes ‘My Little Pony’. However, as we grow up we start to give our love grudgingly. People have to work for it. We don’t love just to love. We love because people do things for us, because they earn it. It is no longer simple and easy. Why is that? When do we get the lesson that we can’t love easily and freely?…

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