Autumn Self-Care: Take the Self-Care Challenge

Autumn, we’re almost there. Summer is ending. My favorite season is coming. Warm drinks, warm blankets, cold air, and rustling leaves. It makes my soul sing but it also makes me turn deep inside of myself. It’s a weird combination of comfort and discomfort. Every single year I start going within, like Persephone’s descent into the Underworld. I feel like it’s time to figure myself out all over again. Re-build myself all over again. I’m like a tree letting its leaves fall. “No, don’t need that one anymore. Let go of that one too.” Self-care is essential to me in times like these. Traveling into that darkness requires special TLC. It’s uncomfortable and challenging and a little bit scary. Who am I going to be when Spring comes? Or tomorrow, even. Personal growth is always happening. These subtle shifts and then these upheavals that shake my foundation. I’m trying to embrace…

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Mabon Correspondences: Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox, the start of fall, the winding down of the harvest season is right around the corner. It is a time of balance when night and day are equal. It’s also called Mabon and represents a time of Thanksgiving for Pagan folk. I’m sharing a list of Mabon correspondences if you’re interested in celebrating the season. If you want even more info – check out my autumn ebook/workbook! I’m going to be celebrating in a low-key way today. I’m thinking pumpkin spice coffee in the park with my journal in front of me. It’s a time for contemplation, adjustment, and finding balance. I like to look at where my life is going right now and then adjust it as needed. Am I on the right path? Am I going where I need to go? Activities for Mabon Make a gratitude list. This is the Pagan Thanksgiving. Take stock of…

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