Closing the Door on the Past

Today I want to talk about closing the door on the past and how important it is that we do not visit the past and decide to live there. How often do you look back on the past? How often does looking back just stress you out? You keep thinking about the things that have happened to you and then you pull them into the present, giving them life again. The past is there to teach us – not torture us. The past is there to be learned from, the key here is to learn. This does not mean that you get to bring up the past to make yourself feel bad. To live a life full of regrets. Learn the lesson and then move joyfully on, putting it behind you. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that…

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Stop Being At War With Your Past

Jamie Ridler is sharing another prompt with us today. She asks us “What or whom do you wish to make peace with.” I had to think on this for a little bit because I realized that there is a lot of stuff hanging around in my head and heart that I need to make peace with. There are so many mistakes I’ve made as a human being. So many things that I wish I could undo. There’s a voice inside that whispers: Stop being at war with your past. Make peace with yourself. The me from seven years ago. I still carry her with me sometimes and I realize that it is time to make peace with her and let her go. When I was 19 I had my very first relationship, he also happened to be married. That whole situation, all two years’ worth, defined me for a very long time.…

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